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New student orientations, the Google migration continues, butter face, dancing, and Vince dies...

~Wednesday~  Jen was right on time this morning, and we had enough time to stop in the office before walking over to Witherspoon for her 8:45 Information Technology (IT) presentation to the students at New Student Orientation. I actually advanced the slides for her, because the remote they had available didn't work.

I walked back over to Witherspoon at 10:45 with David Ladrie for the parent orientation IT presentation. We had lots of questions afterwards, but David and I were able to field all of them fairly quickly. One father actually said that our organizations' presentation was the best one, the most informative one, he'd seen all day.

David and I stopped at Subway on our walk back to the office to pick up lunch. I think the guy in front of me in line and the "Sandwich Artisan" putting the meat and cheese on the buns were flirting with each other. The artisan had the most beautiful eyes and sported stubble.

I did some work on the Google migration project today, including editing the letter to go to the next batch of about 400 students once the current approximately 26,000 are finished. As you can see by the counter, we're close. (When it gets to ~34,000, we'll be done, as we already had ~8,000 when we started this batch of ~26,000.)

Late in the afternoon the "post office box" that holds my e-mail went south right in the middle of an e-mail I'd been working on for a good twenty minutes. Fortunately, I was able to copy and paste the text before the "session ended," so I could finish sending it when the system came back up.

I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus home, which was uneventful. If they guy across from me were a girl, I could've called her a butter face. That is, everything was hot but her face. Badumpbump. We're here all week folks. Try the veal.

I was listening to some Glee on the bus and felt a little bit compelled to hide my iTouch screen that announced such. God forbid people should think I'm gay.

I took an hour-and-a-half nap before dancing, at one point during which I was dreaming about a friend whose mouse (the animal, not the computer accessory) had gotten loose and suddenly climbed up under the short sleeve of my t-shirt and was "vibrating," spastically making its way over my should and down my back. I woke up literally jumping up out of the bed flailing at the sheets, as I didn't have on a t-shirt, my heart pounding incredibly until I realized what had happened.

When I turned my phone back on, I had a voicemail from my mother, telling me about receiving the picture I mailed weeks ago and about the pictures from my aunt and uncle's 50th I mailed recently. I checked back in with them, and told her about Vince leaving Duke to enter into Hospice last week.

Dancing was pretty festive again tonight, with a good sized crowd, some of whom even took the lesson for the dance, Hanky Spanky, done to Madonna's Hanky Panky.

Bob was there and I caught up with him about his seeing Michael Bublé in concert at the RBC Center since the last time I'd seen him. In addition to all of the line dances I did, I had several two-steps, including ones with: Bill, Michael, (Photog) Rob, and Joe T.

I stopped by the Cameron Village Harris Teeter on the way home, where there was still one staffed checkout line open, so I didn't have to ring up my own groceries.

On the way home, on the John Tesh radio show Intelligence for Your Life, he noted that eating carbs before going to bed increases your REM sleep, so I had some chips and salsa when I got home. No more t-shirt mice, please.

Just after midnight on Facebook, I was so sad to see this status update from my ex-sister-in-law:

RIP, Vince.
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