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Bobbing on the bus, an editing emergency, ice cream sandwich-induced happiness, & Glee guessing...

~Tuesday~  I was running behind schedule this morning, so I drove down the street and parked by the Wolfline #9 Greek Village Kaplan/Gorman stop. I'd scoped out the location of the bus online before leaving the house, so I pretty much arrived just before it did. I love technology when it works and makes life easier.

I was tired this morning, and nodded off a couple of times on the bus, waking to a start as my head bobbed one way or another. The guy across from me had killer legs, and the girl next to him used a cell phone in public like it should be used. That is to say, she was right across from me, yet she spoke softly enough that I couldn't at all make out what she was saying. I love technology when it's used properly.

I only had one work meeting today—our weekly staff meeting between myself, my officemate, and my boss, which is usually from from 9:00-10:00, but our boss had to sit in for her boss, who's on vacation this week, at the weekly director's meeting, so our staff meeting was rescheduled to 1:00-2:00.

However, right before 1:00, my boss came into our office with an emergency edit request of the 2010-2011 Student Services Calendar, and of the 14 files (one for each month's page, one for the front cover, and the other for the back cover), we each took four or five to edit.

Before mailing our edits to the requester, we looked at each other's edits to make sure we weren't recommending any conflicting changes.

I sent e-mail to the three people involved with responding to my CAT customer service complaint mentioned in yesterday's blog entry pointing them to that entry in case they want to use the information to try and improve their customer service.

I didn't expect to, and I didn't, receive any response from any of them.

One of the most interesting, and fun, things about social media to me is how sometimes the most trivial of Twitter tweets or Facebook updates strikes a chord with a bunch of people. Case in point:

At the end of the work day, Jen stopped by my office and asked me if I wanted a ride home. Love that. Love her. Upon dropping me off, we made plans to ride in together in the morning, since we're both going to the same 8:30 meeting—New Student Orientation, at which she's presenting to the students, and I'm her "lovely assistant."

When I say, "ride in together," that means she's swinging by my place on her way to work and picking me up.

And when I say, "lovely assistant," the means I'm sitting there as a back-up presenter in case she faints, and I'll help answer any questions afterwards if there are any. Sometimes the "lovely assistant" job also entails advancing the slides that are being projected, but Jen likes to use a remote and advanced the slides herself.

At home, I made some online Scrabble game moves, had an instant message chat with Robert, and had a most delicious dinner of a Smart Ones Traditional Lasagna. That frozen dinner is one I'd cook four of, transfer all of it to a deep dish pan like I put it together and baked it myself, and serve it to guests. It's that good.

I went upstairs at 7:30 to get changed into my gym clothes, lay down for just a second, and woke up at 10:00.

I checked in with Robert, made a few more moves in a few more Scrabble games, and then devised this blog entry, while listening to the soundtracks of the Glee shows and trying to guess, "Who exactly is singing that and to whom," and "What could have happened in this episode to make him or her sing that song?" Can you say hooked?
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