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Breakfast at the Farmers' Market, some volunteer work, dinner at The Borough, and some Scareyoke...

~Sunday~  I was up at 10:30, and had SSSed by the time Robert arrived at about 11:15.

We had a late breakfast at the Farmers' Market Restaurant, where we—once again—had to wait just a little too long for our food. Fortunately for them, their French Toast is so absolutely delicious, that at least once it arrives, it's worth having waited for. Or so it seems.

Robert and I made plans for a trip to the Outer Banks that we talked about back in April in celebration of our 8th anniversary. He has two weeks off work coming up in August, and we're going to do it during that time.

I did some long overdue Manbites Dog Theater Board of Directors volunteer work this afternoon, which consisted of creating a poll for our next board meeting to be held sometime between now and the end of August.

I also created a poll for a Salon "field trip" to see an exhibit at the D.H. Hill (university) Library through the first week in August called The Art in Science: Annual Exhibit of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

I did a load of laundry—mixed whites and colors, and I thought a lot about going to the gym, although it never happened.

Joe and I had dinner at The Borough, using my last Groupon—of the ten I bought. I know Liz is glad to see me finish them up. I had a most delicious hamburger there that I'm not sure I've ever seen on the menu before. I'll definitely be getting it again. It too, took just a little too long to arrive, though.

After that, we went over to Flex for Scareyoke, where we spent most of the night talking with Randy and a guy named Brian (Bryan?) who Randy introduced us to.

Joe sang "At This Moment," and we all hooted and hollered for him during, and at the conclusion of, his performance.
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