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A whacked Crackberry, joining the Glee club, a goof-y outdoor movie, and a Lycra and fat FAIL...

~Saturday~  Internet and e-mail access on my Blackberry was still out this morning when I turned on my phone. I tried to make a phone call and found out that that wasn't working either. I thought it was just the data plan part that wasn't working.

Checking the "Manage Connections" settings, I found everything indicating "Not connected," which was no surprise. However, what was a surprise was that the only two "Mobile Network Provider" options were AT&T and T-Mobile—most disturbing since my provider is Verizon Wireless.

I tried clicking a couple of other things to no avail, and then I opened an online problem report at the Verizon Wireless website, since I have no land line in my home from which to call support. I didn't at all get a warm fuzzy when after I sent the form, I never received any kind of confirmation e-mail starting with some such line as, "We have received your problem report and we will..." Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Thank goodness for the Internet. I ordered a carryout pizza with "The Works," from the Papa John's website taking advantage of their "Any size pizza for $10" special, which I picked up on my way to Cary to spend a few hours with my friend Jen.

Jen has graciously offered to watch all 22 episodes of Glee—which she has recorded—with me, beginning with the pilot, even though she's seen it a couple of times already. This afternoon, we watched the Pilot and the first two episodes, Showmance and Acafellas.

Good food, good show, and good company. Life is good. Thanks, Jen!

On the way home from Jen's, I stopped at the Verizon Wireless store at Crossroads Plaza, and they changed the "Network Technology" setting back to "1XEV," which had somehow gotten switched to "GSM/UMTS."

Evidently, access to GSM/UMTS would be through AT&T or T-Mobile, which is why only those two networks showed up on that setting. Once back on 1XEV, which is the system on which the Verizon Wireless service is provided, everything started working again.

I got to Sharon's for our Mostly Social Book Club gathering at 7:00, where the plan was to have burgers on the grill before heading over to the NC Museum of Art to watch the movie of the book we're currently reading, The Blind Side. It was a nice night to sit outside and watch a movie. The weather was very accommodating.

We didn't start eating until about 8:05, so ended up not leaving Sharon's house until 8:55 for the 9:00 movie start time. However, by 9:15, we were all settled in our lawn chairs, and since I'd already seen the movie (and pretty much didn't care for it or the book), it didn't bother me that we'd missed the first 15 minutes.

In an attempt to make this second viewing of the movie more palatable to me, I'd gone to the IMDB entry for it, and clicked on the Goofs for The Blind Side link and made some notes of a few of them. I did catch some of them during the viewing, which helped. :-)

The movie let out at about 11:20, and I went directly downtown from there, where I joined Alex and Joe at Flex for Boots & Boxers night, which was well under way.

I'm just going to say this catty little remark about what might or might not be an excellent choice for "Boots & Boxers," particularly the "Boxers" part, and then leave it alone: Lycra and fat are never a good combination.
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