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An abandoned "pahtee," clean-up in Photo, a couple of affirmations, and Happy Fourth!

~Sunday~  I was up at about 10:00 today, and I bowed out of an afternoon party that was a combination of an Independence Day celebration and a 20-year Anniversary celebration for my friend Michael, who dances with us, and his partner Terry. I don't care what you are—gay or straight—that's a milestone to be proud of and worth celebrating.

I still wasn't feeling very "festive" today, and I just knew if I was not my usual self at the party, all I'd hear all afternoon was, "What's wrong?" So I thought it was best all around just to have a quiet day, and let Michael, Terry, and their friends enjoy the special day.

I did venture out in the afternoon to Target, where I finally printed some pictures from my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary—one set each for them and for my parents.

Recently, I bought a 500 GB external hard-drive and backed up three computers worth of stuff on it, and in the process, I had a boatload of files on my thumb drive—the same thumb drive I brought to target with the anniversary pictures on it. Although there was one folder labeled "Porn" on the drive, I changed the folder name to "Personal" before I left, and I checked to see that the folders displayed as solid yellow icons when listing the folder names on the drive.

At one of the photo kiosks at Target, I stuck my thumb drive in and pressed "Yes" in response to "Display all folders on drive?" Lo and behold, this particular program showed the folder name and the first five pictures in each folder. Nice. I could just hear the public address system, "Manjunk on the Kiosk in Photo."

During the hour I had to wait for the pictures to be printed, I scooted on over to Dickey's Barbecue Pit and had lunch. The last time I ate there was with Xolani, and I made a note to do it again, because I love their Polish sausage sandwich. And that's exactly what I had today.

Back at Target, I got my pictures, bought a couple of "blank inside" greeting cards in which to mail them to my aunt, uncle, and parents, five bottles of spray hair gel, a tube of toothpaste, and a partridge in a pear tree. (Not really, just seeing if anyone's really reading.)

I meant to stop at Kohl's to look at the shorts they had on sale, but being the non-shopper, and list-oriented one when I do, I forgot to stop there as, I hadn't made a list before going out.

Two affirmations to capture, the first from Robert a couple of days ago, which was a card with this Maya Angelou quote on the front: "A joyful spirit is evidence of a grateful heart." And the inside: "Thank you for being so kind, so caring, so generous." And signed: "And then some! My heart is full. All my love, Robert."

And this affirmation by e-mail today in response to an e-mail I sent to Jeanie-baby's daughter in Boca Raton, letting her know that I'd visited her mother's, step-father's, and sister's graves yesterday by pointing to my blog entry about it: "I loved this. You are such a wonderful being. Phyl"

My heart is full.


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