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A yammerer, some dreads, and some hash; a professorial lunch; and festive dancing...

~Wednesday~  I caught the 8:15 city bus, on which I was the third to board, preceded only by these two women, who talked almost non-stop my entire ride.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say the woman on the right talked most of the way, and the other one listened. She had the highest pitched, staccato voice, and she told animated stories that made the other lady laugh quite a bit.

Along the Gorman Street stops, one guy got on who when he passed me to take a seat further back wafted the hash he'd obviously had for breakfast, and I don't mean the corned beef kind.

Just after that a man with some serious dreadlocks took the seat in front of me.

I've mentioned before that the stop at which I now get off the bus affords me a walk down a nice tree-lined street. Here's Gardner street:

I had a productive morning, working on a new website about peer-to-peer file-sharing.

I had lunch at Sadlack's with Brad and Susan—two of my professors from grad school, and now friends—today. As expected, we had a lot of laughs interspersed with good conversation. David added a black Sadlack's t-shirt to my bill.

Brad was kind enough to give me a ride back to my office so that I wouldn't be too rushed for my 1:00 meeting.

I walked downstairs to the conference room for that 1:00 meeting with my boss's boss, and I mentioned that little "problem" with the stairs having different covering on them, and much to my surprise he had "the history of the stairs" all tucked away, which came spewing forth.

"Oh, they just use whatever materials are available when those things get warn out and need to be replaced. You see those two really dark ones on those two steps there? Those are the oldest ones."

In a miraculous first, that weekly 1:00-2:15 Student E-mail Initiative meeting ended a half-hour early.

In the way of implicit affirmations, my friend Kevin (av8rdude) has booked a trip east (from Seattle) and will be staying with me around the Labor Day weekend, and my friend Casey (cpeel) is booking a two-week trip here not long after Kevin leaves.

Dancing was quite festive again tonight, as it was last week. Who knows why it's like that one week and so dead the next.

I met Traci there, who recently friended me on Facebook. She's the sister of my friend Renee (Hugh's wife), and she had two of her daughters with her. They'd planned to see a movie together, but the one they wanted to see was sold out, so they thought they'd come to Flex to do karaoke, but that's only on Sunday and Monday nights. So, they played some pool, and then actually took the line dance lesson that Carl actually taught.

And once again, I danced a lot. There was good participation in Carl's lesson of the dance Hanky Spanky, in spite of it being what I would consider an intermediate-level dance.
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