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Earbuds & bracelets; black girls & black dolls, catching up with Myra, and lame-dancing...

~Wednesday~  There were several people on the bus with ear buds in and listening to gadgets, which is not really that usual for the city bus. They were all guys, and three of them sat right around me. One of them also had a lot of bracelets going on. Here he is:

I took the opportunity at work today to work on the minutes of that University IT Committee meeting that was held on May 19, which is something I normally don't get to until two weeks before the next (every two month) meeting. I always hate doing it so long after the meeting, so it was good to get a jump start on that.

My manager spent most of her day working on my annual appraisal, which she was going to deliver to me before I left for the day, but although she got it done, there wasn't time to deliver it to me before I had to leave to catch the 5:30 bus, so I could make a commitment I had at 6:30.

She sent a copy of it to me via e-mail, with a note that said, "In summary: Super, and thanks so much!" Yay!

On the bus ride home, a little girl got on with her mother at the credit union stop with me.

She had a doll with her, and any time I see a little black girl with a little black doll, I always think of this: Black Doll, White Doll: Same Study, Different Generation, Same Results.

I met my dear friend Myra at Baja Burrito at 6:30, where we caught up, not having seen each other in way too long. Over nachos and queso, we caught up on our personal lives, professional lives, and student lives, although I'm done (again, for now) my "student life" at the moment. Myra continues working on her Ph.D. Yay!

Dancing was pretty much a bust tonight. If there were three bar patrons in there during the night they weren't all there at the same time. There weren't that many dancers there either, essentially Bill, Carl, Michael, Geromy, and myself.

About an hour into the night, a guy came up to me to ask me if Ernie danced with us.

"He does, but he's not here tonight," I said, not knowing if he actually knew Ernie or just knew of Ernie. Turns out he'd gone out to dinner with him once, knew he line-danced here, and had dropped by to see him.

At one point, the country music was turned off so that a couple of the dancers could here the end of American Idol. Not a big fan of TV preempting line dancing.

I left there shortly after 10:30, barely getting an hour of dancing in. Just as well, I have to be at Joe's at 6:00 in the morning to get to the airport by 6:15, and hour before my scheduled flight departure.
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