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Bus window ruminations, an ice cream social, a liquid dinner, & a gay social gaffe twice told...

~Friday~  In a return to routine, I caught the 8:15 city bus, where there was actually a student waiting for the bus when I arrived at my stop. He was an Asian kid and wearing a backpack. I wondered if it was because school is out for the Spring, and the university buses won't start running again until Summer Session I starts up in a week or so.

I checked my Facebook for status updates while I waited for the bus, which is something I've not yet done with my Blackberry, which is a couple of weeks old now. If nothing else, it kills time.

It was as hot as Hades on the bus today. The air-conditioning just seemed to not be on. I was tempted to open a window, but it's just weird opening a window on a bus for a few reasons:

  1. It can come across as quite a presumptuous move to make as you're essentially assuming everyone else wants it open, too, or that you want it open regardless of what they might want.

  2. A lot of time the windows are very, very hard to open, so you're never sure if you're going to be able to do it.

  3. You really need to open the window next to the seat in front of you if you want the incoming air to blow on you, but you can't reach it easily if someone is sitting in the seat in front of you, particularly if they're in the seat closest to the window.
There were a couple of students (at least they looked like students) at the McKimmon Center stop and they didn't get on the city bus. I wondered if they knew the Wolfline buses weren't running. Oh well. It's not my business.

Near the Gorman / Hillsborough Street exercise, I saw the lady, whom I've mentioned here before and whom I'm pretty sure used to push a double stroller, pushing a triple stroller today. She had babies in two of the seat, but the third one was empty, while a little girl jumped and skipped along side the stroller.

We had our weekly 10:30-11:45 Student E-mail Initiative Meeting, which ran over. Let me put a look of on everyone's face.

I spent a lot of my day today receiving e-mail about agenda items and reports for next week's Wednesday meeting of the University IT Committee.

At about 3:00, I caught a ride with a colleague of mine, Sarah, who's just a ton of fun, over to an open house in the newly renovated Avent Ferry Technology Center. Everyone from our (300-person) organization was invited to this open house where drinks, an ice cream bar, and a table of other desserts, such as cookies, brownies, and crackers and hummus were available.

After about an hour there, a bunch of us made our way across the street to Sammy's Tap & Grill, where several rounds of adult beverages (more for some—hey, I resemble that remark—than others) were enjoyed. Sarah was gracious enough to drop me off at my place on her way home. She's good, fun people.

At home, I crashed for a couple of hours waking up totally disoriented about what day it was and what time of the day, night, or morning it might be.

I met Joe at Flex at 10:00, where it was tragic. Once again, like it often is on Friday nights now, there were only about five people in the bar. I checked in by phone to see where Phil and Joe were, and Phil noted that Joe was still in Statesville (on his way to Raleigh) and that he was on his way to The Borough.

After we finished our drink at Flex, Joe and I walked over to the The Borough, where we were screamed at while walking through the outdoor tables to enter the place. It turned out to be Jack and Brian from Tuesday night, and Jack was about as hammered as he was when we last saw our hero's clingy and needy ass on Tuesday. Bless his heart.

Inside, we saw Phil and shortly after that were introduced to a guy named AJ, who did the ultimate gay social gaffe to both of us within a minute of each other. He rubbed our hair in an attempt at one of those manly gestures between straight guys. Dude, first of all, we're not straight. Second of all, look at the hair before you rub it. Do you see products obviously in it? Then do not touch! I've noticed it's almost always the guys who have little-to-no hair themselves—and therefore could have no notion of the etiquette of hair carefully coiffed—who do this.

Although there was a cockamamie—emphasis on the cock—attempt to get us to go over to CCs, I was not about to do that, and after a little bit, we headed back over to Flex for cheaper drinks. It was still fairly tragic over there, and we left at about midnight.
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