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Flaunted heterosexuality, oh the difference a squash makes, and the boss's daughter line-dances...

~Wednesday~  I caught the #1 Avent Ferry Wolfline bus at the Avent Ferry Food Lion Park & Ride. Still in exam week, the ridership was sparse, with about 15 people aboard.

Three people were attached to ear buds and playing with gadgets, two people were studying class notes, one girl pretty much slept sitting upright (one of the absolute joys of taking public transportation—the ability to grab a few extra winks), and one Asian couple flaunted their heterosexuality with their knees rubbing up against one another's and by blatant hand-holding. Not that there's anything wrong with heterosexuality. Some of my best friends are straight.

Once again (twice in one week, which is highly unusual) I had no work meetings all day. Loved it.

I would like to go on record as saying that there is a huge difference between:
Loved it!
Hated it!

Dancing was a lot of fun tonight. We had a fair number of line-dancers and a decent crowd ended up coming out. Two lady friends who are sisters, and one of whom works with Bill while having the added distinction of being his boss's daughter, joined us tonight.

Carl taught the Good Times dance to the song of the same name, and I sat it out, as I don't like that dance anyway.

After dancing, Joe and I stopped by the "Tiki Bar" at Humble Pie, where Juan Carlos was bartending, but where it was very, very straight, and we left shortly after hearing the few people to our right call something "retarded" three times, which Joe is always incensed by, his having a sister with Down's Syndrome. Spread the word to end the word.
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