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A day old fire, a presumable buscapade, a birthday drink & dinner, and a train wReck...

~Tuesday~  I totally forgot to capture this yesterday: As soon as I set my stuff down upon arrival at the office, the fire alarm went off. My officemate muttered under her breath, "I haven't got time for this today..."

A few seconds later, our colleague Noah stuck his head in the suite area of our offices and said, "This is a real fire; it's in my office." My officemate jumped out of her chair and made time for this today!

Most people grabbed their laptops on the way out, myself included. We stood in the parking lot for about 20 or so minutes, and I took advantage of the time to cross the street and buy a 15-cent cup of coffee at the Brickyard Atrium Food Court. Sixteen cents, with tax.

Back to Tuesday now, as I was pulling up to the Avent Ferry Food Lion Wolfline Park & Ride, the #1 Avent Ferry bus was pulling out and the #9 Greek Village bus was pulling in. I was the only one on it when it left that initial stop, and during the ride in, we picked up two women with small children—maybe four years old, an extremely handsome guy who talked on his cell phone a good portion of the way—in what I would guess as Swedish if I had to, and an Indian guy who sat in the back of the bus and spoke on his phone—presumably in Indian—the entire ride.

At one point, a guy across from me had his notebook open, presumably studying for the exam he was presumably on his way to, and I enjoyed trying to guess what subject someone's notes are about by looking at their notes, and looking particularly at any drawings that might be included. However, he only had three small drawings that were too small to discern, and which may in fact have only been a result of doodling.

I estimated that 50% of the riders wore ear buds, and Logorrhea boarded at one point, and got off the bus in a totally different place than where she gets off when she rides the city bus. I actually did not hear her talking at all—nether to someone in person nor to anyone on her phone. Miracle.

At 7:00, I met Leo, Jake, Abby and Jason at Landmark for a birthday drink with Jason, who was celebrating his 35th birthday. Abby had her new iPad and we oohed and ahed about that over a few drinks, and then Jake, Abby, Jason, and I went over to The Raleigh Times for dinner.

Jake and Abby had double-booked for concerts tonight—OK Go playing at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. Jake and Abby ended up giving their OK Go tickets to Jason and a date, Kelly, who joined us shortly before everyone left to go their separate ways.

I stopped for a drink at The Borough, which had a decent crowd for a Tuesday night, but it wasn't packed.

I then made my way back to Flex, where I had parked, and I stopped in—since there was no cover charge—to have a cheap drink. Turns out there was a drag show starting there at 11:00, and as I stood along the divider between one side of the bar and the other, a couple on the other side of it introduced themselves to me: Amanda and James. They weren't a couple, couple, as she was straight and he was gay, and surprisingly the show wasn't too bad, considering it was drag at Flex.

I spent some portion of the show avoiding this guy with a ball cap who was telling everyone he was "mostly straight," but "wanted to experiment some." When he walked away James and Amanda told me that he'd just told them that he'd checked into rehab recently (earlier this week, I think they said), but after four hours there he realized it wasn't really for him. Probably got thirsty.

When he came back to where we were sitting, he asked me if I had any porn, and I asked, "Straight porn?"

"Yeah," he said.

"No," I don't have any of that," I replied.

He said, "Well, we could stop and buy some and then go watch it together." And then he asked, "Man, you know where I can get some cocaine?"

"Uh, no," I replied.

"Damn man, I don't want to have to take a taxi somewhere to get it," he whined.

To which I replied, "Why don't you go take care of it—because I don't want anything to do with that, and then come back and talk to me." And as soon as he got out of my sight, I bee-lined it out of there. wReck (Pronounced: "Wreck with a capital are.")
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