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Xolani departs, breafasting with Robert @ the Farmers' Market, an ASB reunion, & some scareyoke...

~Sunday~  My alarm went off 6:00 and I snoozed until the 6:09 ring. I didn't hear any movement in the hallway, which was surprising since Xolani and I had to leave at 6:30 to head downtown to the Clarion Hotel to meet Jesse and the others for their trip to DC. I knocked on Xolani's door, and he awoke with a start, and then went into a whirlwind of getting ready. We left at about 6:40. Jesse called not long after we'd gotten on the road just to make sure we were on the way.

I was expecting to see Duma there, but he wasn't there when we arrived. I said my goodbyes to Xolani and told Jesse it was nice to meet him and the others. Since Xolani got in at 4AM last night, I imagine that he slept most of the way to DC.

I had every intention of going back to bed when I got home, but it didn't happen. I ended up staying up and working on my back-logged blog entries until Robert arrived at 10:00.

We had a most delicious breakfast at the Farmers' Market Restaurant, where I had a sausage and cheddar omelet and Robert had their French toast. We weren't supposed to get free appetizer biscuits with the meals we ordered, but the waiter (whom I suspect was family) gave them to us anyway. And it's a good thing, because we waited way too long for our food.

Back at my house, Robert went through his stack of papers to sign for his house purchase, of which there was one for me to sign—a declaration of gift form.

Robert left, and shortly after that, I did fall back asleep for a while.

I left my house at about 3:45, stopped by Food Lion where I purchased a tub of potato salad and some Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies that were buy one get one free, and headed out to our Alternative Spring Break Gulf Coast Reunion Party at the home of Jackie's parents.

I rang the doorbell, and while I waited on the front porch, one of about three guys driving by their house in a white pick-up truck with a lot of landscaping equipment in the back called from the street in front of their house, "Sir, would you like your shrubs and hedges shaped up today?" If I lived in this house, would I be standing in front of it having rung the doorbell and waiting to be asked in? Just sayin...

I was the first to arrive, and Jackie caught me up on how the ASB event went that I missed last Monday night due to my unexpected day late departure from Key West. Others trickled in, Jackie's mom fired up the grill and cooked for us, and we got right to it as soon as the burgers and dogs were ready. Good stuff, and as always, it was good to see everyone.

At home, I got two things done that have been needing doing: task assignments for a project I'm working on, and creating a doodle.com poll for our May, June, and July Manbites Dog Board of Directors meeting.

After that, I met Joe at 9:00 at Flex for scareyoke, and it was. Juan Carlos was there, and he hung out with us a little. There were two Lesbians there who were entertaining, between playing pool together and one of them singing.

I left Joe there at a little bit after 11:00.
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