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A travel day...

~Tuesday~  We got a late checkout, at 12:30, so took our time in the morning, including breakfast again at the poolside restaurant and bar. I had a plain bagel with cream cheese and grape jam on it, which was most delicious.

We left for the airport at around 4:10 taking the same cab we returned from the airport to the Island House in yesterday, as it was $16, instead of $20 like we paid on Sunday when we shared that van cab to the airport with those two other guys. When the cab driver dropped us off yesterday, he said, "Call me again tomorrow when you're ready to go back. I would appreciate the return business."

Everything went smoothly this time, if you don't count the disorganized process of boarding on American Airlines at the Key West airport. I mean, just a sample of what I mean, they say, "We're boarding everyone seated in rows 1-5 now," and they let them outside into this cordoned off waiting area, where they wait just a bit before walking out on the tarmac to the American Eagle plane.

There is no rhyme or reason to where they stand in this area and before they are let out of the area to board, back inside the terminal they call "those people seated in rows 8-10." So they (that was our group) go out there and merge into the group that is already just standing around in no organized line or anything out there, so that now everyone in rows 1-10 are all intermingled. So what was the point again of calling us out there separately?

Joe and I grabbed dinner at the Miami airport was we had about a 1.5-hour layover. We split a club sandwich and an order of wings, topping the whole thing off with some "peppery" Bloody Marys that were hot as hell.

We had exit row seats on the Miami-to-Raleigh flight, and right up until the last minute the seat to my left remained empty. Then, this handsome, hunky guy took the seat saying, "This isn't my seat, but I was back there sitting next to a 475-pound woman, and the flight attendant said I could move up here."

He went to use his phone and said, "Shit, my phone just died. Excuse me, sir, do you mind if I use your phone just to call my mother real quick?" I was holding my iTouch and told him it wasn't an iPhone, and Joe lent him his. I heard him say, "Baby, my phone died, and I'm using the gentleman's near me. Would you text my mother and tell her we're getting ready to leave and that my phone died. I'll call you guys when I get there. I'll be able to use my phone again once I get to my car."

We arrived in Raleigh-Durham about ten minutes early, Joe's bag was pretty much in the first ten out onto baggage claim belt, and we zipped on out of there. I got home at about 11:20.

I booted up my laptop, and tried to access my wireless connection, but was unable to as Xolani had removed my computer cable and replaced it with the TV cable. I knocked ever so lightly on his door to see if he was still up, but figured he wasn't as 1) he didn't answer, and 2) he'd told me that he likes to fall asleep to the TV on.

I was unable to check my e-mail, both personal and work, so I took the time to catch up my blog offline.

Vacation is officially over. Back to the grind tomorrow.
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