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The right-hand rule lady, meeting Julie for lunch, an abandoned Skype call, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Xolani and I caught the 7:45 city bus. One of Xolani's dollar bills did not cooperate with the fare machine, and eventually the bus driver took it and made it work.

The Right-hand Rule Lady was on board, whom I haven't seen in forever. It's been so long that you might have forgotten that she's Sci-Fi Fantasy Man's wife. I met her in my final grad school class, Verbal Data Analysis in the Fall semester of 2007, and she got her name from the project that she worked on in that class, which was an analysis of how kids use (or don' use) the "Right-hand Rule" when solving physics problems.

A lady to the left of me and up one row read the paper, first perusing the Nation section with headlines such as, "Civil Rights Leader Height Dies," and "Women Equal to Men in Degrees," and then on to the Health section with a headline of "FDA pushed to crack down on salt," closing with the "From Page One..." section with a headline of, "Perdue wields a sharp knife in some areas."

I got a few things done at work today that had to be done before I went on vacation.

I met my friend Julie at Sadlack's for lunch, which was just a ton of fun. Julie and I go way back, back to the days when I was in the Nematomes book club. Our very first meeting was at her house, and it was a meeting for which I'd written to the author, Kaye Gibbons, of our first book, Ellen Foster, and who had written a letter back to me that I read at the meeting. Since those so many years ago, Kaye has had a tumultuous time to put it mildly.

We hadn't seen each other in forever, but it was one of those situations of effortlessly jumping back in the saddle again, and we had lots of laughs while catching up!

A lot of class time was wasted tonight trying to get Skype to work so we could connect with a former graduate of the M.S. in Tech Comm who now works for SAS, and to whom we'd provided a bunch of questions about how she's involved with social media in her technical communication work. We eventually just abandoned the call, and rescheduled it for Monday's class, which I'm going to miss.

Neal presented about how Big Blue is using social media.

Dancing was fun enough tonight, with a fair number of dancers. I got some good exercise in, at least.
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