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Local boy dances his heart out...

I caved today on two accounts: 1) I took a visitor's parking spot at work with my parents' car, and 2) I just finished a bowl of Butter Pecan ice cream. Yum. Yum.

Work was a drag today -- I met with Mathis, which is rarely a positive experience. Today was no different.

I had lunch with Donna, and we got caught up. She recently attended her (extended) family reunion. I attended several over the 16 years we were married, and it was interesting to hear how some of the ten year olds that used to be at them are now out of college. She also told me all about her recent week's vacation in Maine.

A friend of mine (to remain nameless) stopped over to do a "photo shoot" of himself -- for his "personal ads" on the web. He also took me to Jiffy Lube to pick up my car, where we found it not ready. I called there at 2:30 to see if everything was done. "Yes, sir. It's ready to go." Well it seems they did the oil change, but neglected to do the NC State Inspection. Very inconvenient! It's a good thing I have mom and dad's car at my disposal for two weeks.

Robert stopped by after his career counseling session with Helen. We had hot dogs for dinner, and got in a few hugs. Nice.

Dancing was a BLAST tonight. Gregor came, and it was just so much fun. I am liking him more and more, and am so glad we're going to be cabinmates on the Caribbean cruise we're going on next March. I so admire his mind, and think about his tulip a lot. Adam worked my nerves again tonight with his insistence on flipping and twirling while two-stepping. We do seem to be getting a little better at it. Bless his youthful mess.

I'm getting excited about flying to DC this weekend to see Jeanie-baby, and attending the Rodeo that's going on there this weekend. Story about Jeane at http://home.nc.rr.com/nematome/jmvol.htm

Sweet dreams. Thanks, Gregor, for coming to dancing tonight!

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