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A clean deck and patio furniture including the bar, and a misplaced book club...

~Sunday~  I got up at about 10:30 this morning, and Xolani was out on my deck ready to start on today's work that I'd mentioned Friday that I'd like to do and put off yesterday.

The first thing we did was to completely clear the deck of everything, which meant 4 side chairs, 2 lounge chairs, a trash bin, a recycle bin, a Martha Stewart bar and its four chairs, and the umbrella stand that goes with it.

Xolani swept off the deck, while I went to work trimming two bushes down to the ground that grow under and up to my window, both of which I hate. Some day I'm really going to have to remove them from the roots. Today I just chopped them down with pruning shears.

After that, we both went to work wetting down and then cleaning with soap, a washcloth, and at times a brush, the side and lounge chairs. After that, it was the bar and its stools. It looked pretty darn good out there once we finished and put it all back in place.

The Bar

Lounge & Side Chairs Around the Bar

And, finally, after that we took a quick ride to K-Mart, where Xolani helped me load eight cement pavers, which I've been wanting to purchase for at least two years if not three, to replace some loose 2x4s that I'd made a path out of that get treacherously slippery when they get wet.

Cement Pavers Walkway

Once we were finished with that, and after a shower, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor by sitting out there for a little while. I had a late lunch and we both nibbled on some Scoops with Salsa with a little bit of shredded cheddar sprinkled on it.

I went to book club at 6:30 and when no one else had arrived by 6:40, I called Suzanne to find out that we were meeting at Southpoint instead of Cary, where I was, which just blew. I decided not to ride all the way out there, as I didn't want to be gone as long tonight as we normally spend, as I've really been gone a lot while having a guest in my house. Although, truth be told, I really don't think he minds. Being the introvert that he is, I gather he enjoys the "time off" when I'm not home.

I stopped over at Caribou Coffee, where I did spend about an hour catching up my blog. Just as I was leaving Jesse called. Jesse is Xolani's contact out at App State, and I told him I'd have Xolani call him when I got home.

When I got home, however, I saw no light under Xolani's door and was afraid to possibly wake him, so I called Jesse back, and he said it was fine. He was just checking in, and it wasn't even necessary to have Xolani call him in the morning.

I worked on homework this evening. I can't wait for two more weeks, when I'll get my reading-for-pleasure time back.
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