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Xolani left behind, iPod earspray, crazy discounts, black ice, and a play with a gem...

~Thursday~  I assumed Xolani and I were catching the 7:15 bus this morning, but when the kitchen clock read 7:18 and I heard the shower in the upstairs guest bathroom just turning on, I realized that wasn't the case. I jotted him a short note, and I caught the 7:15 bus, since I was up and ready.

A very tall, white boy boarded the bus and took the seat across the aisle to my left. He had on a wedding band, and he was reading what I surmised—after several glances trying to see around fingers and thumbs gripping the book—was The Lion & The Cross. However, Googling that just now, there's something funny about that book, as it's not found as a regular ISBN book for sale in the regular venues, and the one reference to it I did find makes it look like a children's book. The cover of the copy this guy was reading was all black. It didn't look like the book pictured in the link above at all. Oh well.

At a subsequent stop, a lady got on with her iPod turned up so loud that earspray got all over me as she walked by me to take a seat.

A lady got on causing some drama as she wanted some kind of fare discount, but she didn't have the proper ID showing that she rated it. She walked by me mumbling to herself, "That's crazy as hell."

A black guy who'd taken the seat in front of me had on camouflage pants, but not the green and black kind, but the gray and black kind, a black sweatshirt, a black leather ball cap, and brown sunglasses. He wore a huge, multi-carat solitaire diamond earring in his left ear. I would characterize it as "stupid to be wearing something that big if it was real," or "way too gaudy and cubic-zirconium if it wasn't." A lose/lose earring.

This morning, we had our Outreach, Communications, and Consulting Staff Meeting, which consists of all of the departments and people under my boss's boss. It was a jam-packed meeting in terms of agenda items, which is just to say that it was business as usual.

My calendar is showing an afternoon meeting, but I really don't think we had it. Odd thing is, I neither remember attending it nor us talking about canceling it, which we always do before not meeting. Oh well. That's what you get for catching up your blog two days later.

I met dear, dear Anna at Tosca Ristorante Italiano in Durham in the Warehouse District, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner, with a cocktail, al fresco, while debating if our waiter played on her team or mine. I had a most delicious rigatoni with sausage dish preceded by a bowl of butternut squash soup that was great, too.

All that aside, the conversation was without a doubt the centerpiece, and a most enjoyable experience of Oldest Living Confederate Widow: Her Confession followed at Manbites Dog Theater.

I saw this show last year and loved it, and the only thing that made it better this year was experiencing it with Anna and hearing her laughter and seeing how moved she was after it. Life is good. I have the greatest friends.
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