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Thin seats, a 2x3-inch Bible, a tabula rasa hand, ambiguous study sheets, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  I rode the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus in again this morning.

I think it's time the seats on the university buses take a lesson from what had to be done at Disneyland to the boats that take riders through It's a Small World. The seats on the buses are way too narrow to accommodate the "average" 2010 rider. I mean I shouldn't have to be thinking when a skinny person gets on, "Sit next to me! Sit next to me!"

An Hispanic guy sitting across from me was reading a green, 2 x 3 inch Bible. In a standard Bible of 66 books, on average that's a little less than one-tenth of a square inch per book. But I digress...

I'm here to report that the number and letter combination on the back of the hand of that guy Monday was not a tattoo, as today it was a tabula rasa.

A girl standing to my left was studying some papers, one of which flipped down revealing either: a cross section of an earthworm or a DNA sequence. I tried to determine which of those she might more likely be studying, but the fact that she has on a t-shirt with a ΣΧ symbol, Derby Days, and NC State on it really didn't help me at all.

The girl standing directly in front of me—with her hand on the handrail putting her watch pretty much in my face—wore a watch with a band that was more masculine than mine. And mine's a big, thick, chain-like metal one.

I had a glorious, meetingless work day today.

Class was interesting enough this evening. I continue to have connections to The Wisdom of Crowds outside of the book and classroom. In the chapter we had to read for tonight's class, the author refers to a joint venture GM/Toyota plant in Van Nuys, California, which is none other than the Nummi plant in that This American Life podcast I listened to at the gym on Saturday!

Tonight's presentation on a company and how it's using social media was done by Kaitlin and it was about Habitat for Humanity, which I found particularly interesting with my recent service trip in Thibodaux.

I did some final cleaning and straightening of my house before heading to dancing tonight, which was fun enough, and was some good exercise.

We—mostly me, Michael, and Geromy, but with a little help from Bill and Carl—worked on this week's Indy crossword, which was somewhat of a bitch. We didn't get any where near completing it.

There were two guys there—a "daddy and son" type couple—and the "son" was a real piece of work. He spent a lot of time dancing by himself, doing some moves that looked like watered-down white movements trying to approximate Michael Jackson, which was all well and good. What wasn't well and good, was having no concept of two-step dance floor etiquette, which is to say, if you're not two-stepping (which moves in a circle around the perimeter of the dance floor), then stay in the middle out of the way of the people who are.

Carl did a lesson late in the night, after 10:30 I think it was, as there were actually enough people there interested in taking one. He taught the Boot Scoot Boogie.
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