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101 Dalmatians, a translucent bag, a polyester uniform, and dinner with the Gulf Coast ASB kids...

~Tuesday~  I had a two-bus ride to work this morning, as I had a 9:00-10:30 meeting in a building I don't work in. The first leg was the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus, upon which a girl boarding after me walked by sporting an old-fashioned, metal, 101 Dalmatians, lunch box.
Following closely behind her was a girl with a translucent grocery bag, presumably from an Asian market as it had Pinyin or Kanji characters on it, its translucent nature revealing vague outlines of presumed fruits and vegetables.

At a subsequent stop, a woman in some kind of food service uniform took the seat next to mine. I gathered she was in food service, and I'd guess more specifically that she worked in the bakery department, for two reasons:

  1. Her uniform was of that drab brown, polyester type accompanied by a name tag (which I couldn't read) and a hat, and

  2. She smelled ever-so-slightly of cake and icing.
I got off the #9 bus at Western Boulevard and Dan Allen, crossed the street, and then walked, not to the nearest #7 Wolflink Shuttle, but the next nearest one, and then hopped on for one whole stop. The only reason I didn't walk the rest of the way was that my laptop bag and soft-side briefcase were weighing down my shoulders.

My 9:00-10:30 meeting was with other campus communicators, a group of us who focus specifically on "internal communications." There are three other groups who focus on other areas of campus communication, namely: publications, web and electronic communications, and marketing and public relations.

Other things I worked on today included updating our Google Apps @ NC State FAQs page with new questions that the help desk are getting asked frequently and editing the 100-word descriptions of the people who have been nominated for an Office of Information Technology Award for Excellence, one of whom is me. (I didn't edit my own write-up, however.)

Late in the day, I did a quick edit on a correspondence for my friend Steve, and I exchanged e-mail with the coordinator of the visitors arriving (in Boone) today from South Africa, trying to find out what time they'll arrive in Raleigh on Thursday. All I got back was confirmation that they had indeed arrived safely in Boone, and that everything is still on for my hosting starting on Thursday. I still don't know what time Xolani will be arriving.

I had dinner tonight at the Chili's on Kildaire Farms Road in Cary with the group with whom I went to Thibodaux, LA to do post-Katrina Habitat for Humanity work over Spring Break 2010. All but one member of the group made it, and it was great to see everyone, and how friendships that started on that trip continue to flourish.

I received an affirmation about my blog, which I very much appreciated, from Kat H., who had me as her "secret buddy" during the trip and who wrote that affirming letter to me at the end of the trip.

At home, I filled out the web survey of my visit to that KFC on Sunday. There wasn't enough space to relate everything that I did in my blog entry about it, but there was a question that asked:

Compared to what you expected was this experience:

  • Better

  • About the same

  • Worse

After checking worse, a text box came up to answer, "Would you be willing to tell us why?"

"I thought you'd never ask," I thought.

I was able to fit this in the text field:

Person sweeping lobby just dropped her broom by the trash pile right in the middle of the lobby and went to take orders. After taking order ran hands under water less than 3 seconds w/no soap, then prepared our order. Went back to lobby and dragged dustpan on ground entire time sweeping making a RACKET. Then she and the manager talked extremely loudly about other employees and the things they didn't like about working with them. Basically, they aired all the store's dirty laundry in front of the customers. We just wanted a nice quiet lunch.

I did a little more straightening and cleaning in anticipation of Xolani's arrival on Thursday.
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