DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Rainy and cold again...

I called Joe at about 7:45, and told him I wasn't riding again today, as it was drizzling and cold, once again.


- Today’s ride was the “Wake Forest to Youngsville,” a 50-mile ride. However, the weather was, once again, miserable – cold and rainy. I called Joe to let him know I wasn’t going to drive all the way out this time, and then decide not to ride. He was having the same thoughts, and eventually decided not to ride himself.

- We agreed to try and ride some time during the coming week, probably on Wednesday.


- I’m trying not to feel “less committed to the ride” with these last few training ride cancellations, and decisions not to ride. I know I will ride in the ride, whether it rains or not, so that is not a concern. I just don’t see the value in training in the cold and the rain. I do know what it’s like to ride in the rain after all.

- Hoping we’ll have good weather for the Memorial Day Weekend coming up. This is our biggest training ride to date, and I want it to happen. On Saturday, the 24th, we’re doing a 65-mile ride. On Sunday, the 25th, we’re doing a 90-mile ride, and on Monday, the 26th, we’re doing a 35-mile ride.

I got the May TCW minutes done. I always feel so good when those are done. I need to remember that as I'm putting off doing them!

I wrote a difficult letter to Jan in response to her putting her name forward to be considered as TCW co-chair.

I caught up in e-mail with Anita. She's lost 125 pounds, and wants to lose another 45!

Joe called to let me know that he had ridden part of the way out, and then decided not to ride. We're going to try and ride together some time this week, probably Wednesday.

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