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81 words, Nummi, Jen & Leo's cookout, meeting Carla & Chad, Sho Nuff died, and oh the drama...

~Saturday~  In spite of eight hours of sleep, I was up early since I got to bed so early. Yay.

I got to the gym early in the afternoon, where I did an hour of cardio on the elliptical machine, for an 1119-calorie burn. The first This American Life podcast I put on my iTouch was a re-broadcast of a show they did—and I heard—many years ago: 81 Words. And while it's the very, very, very interesting story of how the American Psychological Association deleted 81 critical words about homosexuality, I didn't feel like listening to it again.

I moved on to the next episode, Nummi, which was not exactly compelling like a lot of their stuff is, but it was interesting enough. Enough that I listened to the entire hour of it.

On the way downtown, I stopped by the Avent Ferry Food Lion to pick up some dessert to bring to Jen and Leo's cookout. I settled on cupcakes—a dozen, with Easter-colored frosting in 12 different shades.

I was the first one to their place, but they made me feel welcome, and I'm always very comfortable with both Jen and Leo. I ended up knowing about half the people there, with appearances by the other tweeters: Jill, Abby, Kitch, Andy, and Jason. Prachi was also there, but he's not on Twitter any more.

Abby had an iPhone app that lets you add mustaches to people, and evidently, devil horns, as well:

On a somber note, Abby told me that she'd read that "Sho Nuff" was in a biking accident recently and died. I met him back in June of last year while out with Abby at The Borough. She even made a recording of him sharing his three rules of life and two sides to love in a short blog entry of hers.

RIP Sho Nuff

(Photo courtesy of Prachi's Flickr page.)

Leo made some killer wings, grilling them after being in a tequila-based marinade and having been baked for a short period of time. They were delicious.

Later in the evening, I met the owners of the house, Carla and Chad, and they ended up giving me a ride to The Borough, insisting I didn't drive. I had had a lot to drink.

They actually joined me there for a couple of drinks. We had good conversation, and I really liked both of them.

I met Joe over at Flex after that, where it was bear night, but to be perfectly honest, it was kind of a blur to me. (Military) Van was there, which means the alcohol was flowing. He just continues to buy drinks, and usually has one (Jack & Coke) in each of his hands at any one time.

I ended up back at The Borough, where Joe suggested we go to get some food in our stomachs. We each had an order of fries, which were most welcomed and delicious.

Tomorrow's Easter, and:

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