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Farmers' Market breakfast, upper body work, dinner w/Joe, coffee w/Anna, bar night out...

~Saturday~  We were up shortly after eight, and at the NC State's Farmers' Market Restaurant for breakfast by 10:00. We each had their most delicious French Toast. I had an egg over easy on the side with mine, and Robert had a side of bacon with his.

Back at home, I was in and out, as Robert headed back to Durham and I headed over to the Jiffy Lube on Western Boulevard to get my annual vehicle inspection, which is due in March, which is waning quickly. The only thing it needed was new windshield wipers, and I had some in my back seat that I'd bought at K-Mart a while back, and they put them on free for me.

I was delighted to find free wireless in the place, so I worked on Friday's blog while I waited. It was all said and done within 15 minutes, all for $27.00.

I returned to the gym after over a week of absence (a week of it being in Thibodaux), and I did upper body. I could tell as I was doing it, that I was going to feel it tomorrow.

I capped the workout off with 300 (15 sets of 20) ab crunches. dailyburn.com counted all that as a 646-calorie burn. I'll take it.

I met Joe at Two Guys on Hillsborough Street, where we split a Bacon-Tomato-Ranch pizza and a tossed salad each. After talking our order, but before cooking it, our waiter—who made us both nervous—came back to say, "I forgot to mention to you that for your bacon-tomato-ranch pizza? We're out of tomatoes. Because of the high price. They're something like $55 a carton to us, so we've had to stop buying them. Can I substitute some sun-dried tomatoes on that pizza for you?"

We were both okay with that, and it turned out to be most delicious, actually. Joe graciously used a $10-off coupon he had to count toward our meal. Woohoo!

Anna was gracious enough to meet me at Helios at 7:00 to help me consider a venue for our ASB Gulf Coast 2010 pictures. After infinite frustration with Helios' sucky wireless connection, we narrowed it down to a potential Flickr Group solution. I'll try that on with the kids.

I got to Flex at about 9:10, where I found Chris (zinnian), and Joe arrived at our scheduled 9:30 time. It got fairly busy in there, and the Mr. Flex Contest started at some time, although I didn't pay any attention to it, so couldn't tell you who won or if we were even still there when the winner was announced.

I was pleased to meet steven tonight. I'd been looking at him and thought he looked familiar, but I never recognize people from online in real life. I was happy he introduced himself to me. He's as cute in real life as he is in his journal picture.

Joe and I had a "fourth meal," which I'll have to count as my Sunday's breakfast, at The Diner before heading home. I had their three-cheese omelet, toast, and cottage cheese as my side.
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