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A mental health day, seeing The Blind Side, and soup at The Borough...

~Friday~  I took a "mental health day" from work today—taking eight hours of leave time, and sleeping a glorious eight hours.

I caught up a day of my blog, did some laundry, and got through my pile of mail from last week.

Robert came over after work, and we went to see Sandra Bullock's Academy Award-winning performance in The Blind Side at the Campus Cinema. I had $4.00 (in change, just call me a piggy banker) ready to pay for the tickets ($1.50 for me as a student, and $2.50 for Robert as a non-student), but the girl said, "That'll be $3.00."

"Oh? I thought his was $2.50," I said indicating Robert.

"Nope. You get to buy two tickets at the student price," she explained.

Cool. And they had two sizes of popcorn—Small: $.75 and Large: $1.50. Cheap night out at the movies.

I thought this movie was okay, nothing great. I thought a lot about our reflections on privilege last week during our week of service to the Bayou Area Habitat for Humanity during our Alternative Service Break trip. Overall, this movie came across to me as mostly contrived.

And while I thought Sandra Bullock looked great—the best I've ever seen her look, actually—and her performance was notable, I'm not so sure it was at the level of deserving an Academy Award. But, I suspect the criteria has slowly been slipping if Jeff Bridges' award for Crazy Heart (which I talked about here) is any indicator.

With all that said, it was entertaining enough and a value at the price, that's for sure, and I'm glad I saw it. Mostly, I wondered what has taken me so long to see movies at this price on campus.

Oh, one other thing. I didn't know Tim McGraw and Kathy Bates were in this movie, which were both pleasant surprises. Seeing pictures at the end of the movie, I thought when seeing the real-life father of the family on which this movie was based, "How cool would it be to have Tim Fucking McGraw playing you in a movie?"

Although he's extraordinarily good-looking, people have told me that I favor George Clooney a little, which I take as an enormous affirmation. Robert said he'd be better playing me than Tim McGraw. I'd so let him. :-)

John MartinGeorge Clooney

As you can see, it would be quite a stretch," but we do have similar bags and wrinkles around our eyes.

We went over to The Borough afterward, where there were fewer gay people tonight than I think I've ever seen there. Not that there's anything wrong with straight people being there.

We both had soup—Robert, their Ma's Matzo-Ball, and me, their Jalapeño Potato Corn Chowder. Mine was absolutely delicious to me.

At home, we worked on an Indy crossword puzzle together, which we haven't done in a while and I miss, but we didn't work on it too long as we were both beat and ready for sleep within a half hour.
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