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Finishing up our trip, and captured affirmations...

~Saturday~  The Maryland group left at about 6:30. We packed up and cleaned up the house in and got on the road to New Orleans at about 10:00.

We dropped Casey off at her grandmother's and then spent four hours in New Orleans. I walked to a gay bar called JohnPaul's to see where it was and to ask about the early drag show that was going on there tonight, as a few of the students expressed interest in accompanying me there. As it turned out, however, you have to be 21 to get in the bar, because they have video poker games in it. Unfortunately, that excluded most of the group.

We checked into the hotel at around 7:00, for our last night of the trip in "real" beds and four to a room and bathroom as opposed to twenty-two people in five bedrooms and two bathrooms for the last six days.

I collected the last of my mail from our bags and I'm capturing them here for posterity:

  • John,

    You have some beast wheelbarrow skills. Love being able to work with you and greatly enjoy your personality and awesome music! :-)

  • John,

    You are so much fun! I'm glad you're here with us in New Orleans. Your taste of music is amazing... I truly enjoyed listening to it at the work site! And singing along with it as well. :-)

    Kat G.

  • John,

    Thanks for keeping up with the blog every day. I’m sure my parents appreciate it. I know I do! Hopefully I’ll contribute some of my pictures to it sometime. I loved the picture of you coming out of the port-a-potty. Your humor is just hilarious.


  • John,

    You are one of the most flexible and easy-going co-advisors I’ve had—AND— more importantly, I really enjoy your company. Thanks for speaking up tonight about yourself and experience with advocacy, activism, burnout with those, and your desire to be nourished faith-wise.


  • John,

    Thanks for driving us everywhere and putting up with us on the long van rides.


  • Hey John!

    You're a great asset to our team. Where would our blog be without you?! and not to mention... you have good music! I'm so glad you're here to bring a different "vibe"! See ya latta!!

  • Dear John,

    Thanks for putting our blogs up every day. I really enjoyed riding with you today, it was really entertaining (especially your singing). I think that you are an awesome person, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Casey :-)

  • Thank you so much for all your help with the trip. I appreciate your flexibility and insight. Thank you also for your diligence with our blog!!!


  • You can be on my Catch Phrase team any day! Thanks again for documenting our trip—it will be so valuable when we return!


  • John!

    What a joy you are to be around! You always had us laughing! and also your driving was much better than... you know who! Just kidding!

    Nicole :-)

  • John:

    Thank you for coming on this trip, you have added so much to the humor and sanity of this house. You have serviced with us guys, I don't know how, but you did. You have done a great job with the blog and I hope I can still help out some. I would go on another trip with you anytime. You have done a great job!


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