DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Diane's Memorial Service...

Suzanne picked me up at about 7:00, and we rode together to Diane's memorial service at the West Mill Wellness Center of Chapel Hill Road up from the fairgrounds.

The service was quite nice. The religion is meditation-based, and we meditated a little while a talented man played the flute. A couple of prayers were offered up to "Father-Mother-God," which had an interesting ring to it.

A few close friends spoke, including two of Diane's supervisors, who were pretty tore up, and Janet. Janet did surprisingly well.

We had three, tight hugs with Janet after the ceremony -- Suzanne, Mary, and me. Sharon attended 40 minutes of the service, with Nick. She had to leave at 8:10 to get back to the ball field to pick up Josh, and slipped out during the service.

Mary drove me from there to my car, which was at Jay's house at St. Mary's and Wade. She had my Party Lite candles. I changed at my car, and flew down to Flex.

It was not too crowded, and Robert hadn't yet arrived. It was a little after 9. More folks came, dancing was great, and several folks gave me money for the Brooks & Dunn concert.

When we got home, we helped Courtney load that huge book case of hers into the truck. Robert and I ate chourico, melted cheese, and salsa on Tostitos. Yum!

Then we quietly MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

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