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A party in your pita, Uncle Einar, a new bus blog, & packed for Thibodaux...

~Friday~  I was back to my regular routine this morning; that is to say, catching the 8:15 city bus. It was on the late side, and while I waited a van drove by that had this ad written along its side: "There's a party in every pita." I'm sorry, but that's just a little to close to, "There's a party in your pants," or "There's a party in every peter." And that reminds me of one of my favorite drag names: Sofonda Peters.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Man was on this morning and reading. I purposely passed an available seat to take one across from him and slightly behind him so I could try and nose into his book. Yenta. As luck would have it, he turned the page to a new chapter and I squinted to make out the title. I noted in my little brown book that it was either "Uncle Emar" or perhaps "Uncle Eniar."

Later at home I Googled "book chapter uncle emar" and worked my way to:

Ray Bradbury book with chapter 15 called Uncle Einar

Bingo! Rad Bradbury = famous science fiction author. I read his I Sing the Body Electric years ago.

I had only one meeting today, our Student E-mail Implementation Team (a.ka. now known as "The Google Team") meeting. It was a pivotal meeting for the project, and it ran 15 minutes over.

I walked with Sarah down to Jasmine's Mediterranean Bistro for lunch. On the way I told her about the Lunch & Learn I was in yesterday in which her husband (who also works with us) was one of the presenters and when someone in the class asked him, "How's Sarah?" he responded, "She's just as beautiful as ever." So sweet, as they've been married a long time.

We both grabbed lunch to go, and we compared which of the guys fixing our dishes behind the counter was the hottest. I got their Feta Walnut Salad, which I'd never had before and it was most delicious. I usually get their Greek Salad, which is also very, very good.

In a comment to my Wednesday blog entry, an anonymous—fellow bus rider—reader of my blog pointed me to a blog named Ditching the Car for 40 Days. One of the things I really like about it is that the author investigates things that he wonders about. In other words, he's a productive yenta. Here are the subjects of a couple of the postings I particularly enjoyed:

Those are just a couple of them that struck me. I commented on a few entries.

Well, tomorrow's the big day—our travel day and the beginning of our nine-day NC State Alternative Spring Break Gulf Coast Trip. An e-mail I sent to some folks:


I'm participating as a co-advisor to one of NC State's Alternative Spring Break trips next week. Along with Tierza Watts, the other co-advisor, I'll be shepherding around 13 awesome students who have decided to be of service to the Post-Hurricane Katrina Relief doing Habitat for Humanity work in Thibodaux, LA, just south and west of New Orleans, instead of partying on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale. :-)

If you're interested, you can learn more about the group I'm serving with, live the experience vicariously through our blog, and check out other trips that are blogging while serving both domestically and internationally in the following ways:

Have a good weekend and week. We fly out tomorrow morning, and we'll be back home on Sunday, the 21st.


I hope this blog doesn't suffer at the expense of the trip blog, as I'm going to be authoring both next week. It might get to the point where I just copy what's there here, so if you're read both, I apologize in advance for any duplication.

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