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A colorfor swoosh, a silent logorrhea, a weigh-in, a lake walk, and Wonderboy...

~Tuesday~  As I waited for the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus this morning, a dump truck, towing a tractor on a short flatbed came speeding down Gorman street. It took the driver quite a while to realize that there was a State Trooper in an SUV behind it with its lights flashing for him to pull over.

The bus today turned out to not be the expected #9 Greek Village, but the intermittent "GV to DH Hill" bus instead. Today, I looked down at shoes (truth be told: landing there after checking out some hairy legs in shorts) and checked out what "these kids are wearing these days."

The boy across from me, a white boy, had on Nike tennis shoes that had the Nike swoosh on both the outside and the inside of the shoe around the heel end. The swoosh on the outside of each shoe was green and the swoosh on the inside of each shoe was red. Most of the shoe was brown, but it had a white trim around the soles, and white in the upper part of the back of the shoe and on the top of the shoe at the toe end. The shoe laces were yellow, green and red.

A black guy got on that obviously knew him, as indicated by a fist bump and hello. The black guy said to the white guy, "I like your shoes man." The black guy's shoes were also tennis shoes, but not Nike's. They had some kind of logo on the tongue of them that looked like airline wings (like the pins warn by flight attendants) to me. They had white soles, with black, turquoise, and gray mixed throughout the rest of the shoe. On the right shoe, connected to the shoe by a clear plastic wire through the unused top left shoelace hole, was a big silver charm that reminded me of the Twitter bird.

I was so busy checking out the shoe wear that I hardly noticed Logorrhea get on. You might remember that a few entries ago I wondered if she talked as much when she rides the Wolfline bus as she does when she rides the city bus. Well, I'm here to tell you that I heard not one peep out of her the entire way. Plus, she got off the bus three stops before where she normally gets off the city bus. Interesting.

First thing in the office this morning, I went to Jen's office where we weighed in on a new scale. We've replaced my old one with a newer one of hers, which is digital. When I first got on it, it said I'd gained four pounds. When I got on it again, it registered the same thing I weighed last week. I went with that reading. It was traumatic enough switching scales mid-diet.

I attended the staff meeting of one of the departments on my "reporting beat." They always have a fun meeting.

At lunch time, I walked over to the student center, where I bought tickets to Wonderboy, a performance going on in Stewart Theater this evening. I was about to purchase a ticket as a faculty/staff member, and then remembered that I'm a student this semester, too. The price of my ticket went from $19 to $5. Woohoo.

From there, I stopped by the West Dunn building, where I had my student badge made, as it was necessary to pick up my ticket later on this evening. I've been meaning to do that, so it was good to have an impetus and to get it done. And it's valid until 03/2015. Woohoo again.

I had an afternoon meeting with the Creative Services guys and Mike Giancola, director of CSLEPS, the organization that sponsors the Alternative Spring Breaks at NC State. Good people. All of them.

We went over how the official NC State blogs are going to work, which four—of the eight or so—spring break trips are going to be keeping. I was thankful for being in ENG 583a this semester, as the university blog is hosted on Wordpress, which I now am familiar with thanks to ENG 583a.

Since the weather was utterly fantastic today, I chose to get my exercise in with a walk around Lake Johnson.

It's been quite a while since I've done that three-mile walk, and I could definitely tell that I was 20 pounds lighter doing it this time. I did it in 50 minutes, and burned off 358 calories according to dailyburn.com.

At about 7:40 when I arrived, the lobby outside Stewart Theater was teeming with queers, many of whom I recognized if not knew. While I was in line to get my (student) ticket, someone approached me from behind keeping my head from turning and started ragging on me. I couldn't reconcile the voice, and when I turned around to look, it was Steve Nelson. Long time, no see.

After getting my ticket, I was going to say hey to him, but he was talking with someone I don't particularly care for, so I just went in and took my seat.

There were two major parts to the performance—one about ten minutes at the beginning and followed by a pause that was too long, and the second one taking up the remaining 50 minutes.

The first part, 29 Effeminate Gestures, didn't really work for me, but I loved the puppet performance after the pause. In addition to being highly homoerotic, it was just very well done.
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