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An updated resume, a workout, drinks out, dinner out, more drinks out...

~Saturday~  I completed a survey for a student who is doing her capstone class in the same program I graduated from in December of 2007—the Master of Science in Technical Communication program at NC State. As part of that, I had to update my resume to send to her. Interesting exercise. Glad to have done it.

I spent an hour at the gym, where I did an upper body workout with a couple of increased weights again. I know I will feel that work tomorrow. I concluded with 300 (15 sets of 20 reps) ab crunches.

I met Joe at Hibernian between 4:30 and 5:00, where we enjoyed two Bloody Marys each. Our waitress was loud. And way too perky.

From Hibernian, we went across the street to The Diner (owned by the same people who own Hibernian) to have dinner. We took seats at the bar, and in retrospect maybe it wasn't the best decision. There was an off-duty employee of the place sitting next to us, and as soon as we sat down she was in our conversation. And stayed that way.

I made the mistake of saying I couldn't decide on what I wanted, and she jumped off her barstool, and came and stood next to me. She flipped my menu to the back and pointed to the Blackened Catfish. "That's what I had for dinner, and it was delicious," she said.

It did sound good, and I ended up ordering it, substituting the beans and rice with mashed potatoes, and it came with creamed spinach, which I like. I do have to say, it was most excellent.

From there, we went across the street to Helios, where Joe and I fired up our laptops and went through some travel options with regards to our upcoming trip to Key West in April. We "bookmarked" or "penciled in" a couple of options and set up some fare watchers. We hope to book some time in the next week.

On the way home from there, I heard an old, old Jackson Five song, The Love You Save, and I really listened to the lyrics for the first time since I was a kid, I suppose. I mean, I know the lyrics, but I just sing them without paying them any mind. This was the first time (D'oh!) that I caught the allusions to all of the inventors in this stanza:

Isaac said he kissed you
Beneath the apple tree

When Benjie held your hand he felt

When Alexander called you
He said he rang your chimes.

Christopher discovered
You're way ahead of your times!

While I waited, parked, for Joe near Flex, Rob walked around the corner. I rolled my window down, and he said, "We're not dancing tonight!?!"

"Oh, no. We've been fired, girl. Hadn't you heard?" I said.

He hadn't.

When Joe arrived, he and I walked over to The Borough, where we saw only a couple of people we knew, Juan and Todd to name them. We had two drinks there and then headed over to Flex.

It was mildly festive there. Carl and Bill were there, and Bill found it necessary to tell me that my outfit was "all wrong, didn't look good on me at all. The shorts are too long and too baggy."

Being the classy person that I am, I refrained from commenting on how his ball cap turned backwards looked on him at his age and being bald. Click here.
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