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Another nipply morning, the dope's smoke clause, please rob me, & two-stepping to the death march...

~Wednesday~  Another nipply morning, and another rider paying his bus fare with gloves on. This was a sensible person, though, as he was not trying to deposit coins, but merely sliding his fare card, which he did beautifully and it worked perfectly. Oh yeah, he was me.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Man was reading a small hard-bound book today whose pages were yellow and looked brittle. Is the science fiction genre old enough to have been published that long ago?

Passing by the McKimmon Center stop, I had a Doublemint Duplicates déjà vu moment, as they were both bookended around a couple, dressed exactly like they were the last time I saw them this way—both in jeans, both in the same style of blue jacket, but one with a blue t-shirt and the other with a red t-shirt, and their backpacks which differ (from the front anyway) only by a white stripe in one of the straps leading to their backs.

Izod Shoe Man was not in Lacoste shoes today, nor was he in his Nike sneakers. Instead he sported some other black leather top tennis shoes. I think he's just getting back at me for naming him Izod Shoe Man. If he keeps it up, I'm going to change his name to Imelda Shoe Man.

I had a 9:30-10:30 communications subteam meeting for the Postini project, which Sarah led, and in which we saw a demo of Postini.

From 1:00-2:00, I attended an information session about changes in the State Health Plan for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Basically, this year the "Dope's Smoke" clause goes into effect and next year the "Fat-as-Fuck" clause will be invoked. This year, if you don't attest that you don't smoke or that you're in an approved smoking cessation program, you will be forced into the most expensive plan, the 70/30 plan. Next year, if your BMI isn't under a certain range, you'll be forced into that plan as well.

Since the meeting was in another building, and I had minutes to work on all afternoon, I worked the rest of the day from home.

Social Media and Technical Communication class was fun tonight. After discussing our readings, we listened to a presentation by Aisha on presence-sharing sites. I was talking to her about her topic before class, and I mentioned the currently-in-the-news website pleaserobme.com, which she ended up talking about in her presentation. Cool.

Dancing was not really fun this evening. We had just a few dancers, Carl and Bill didn't show, and Rob left early. We definitely put more energy into doing the crossword puzzle from the Independent Weekly than we did dancing.

Tom was there, who keeps saying he wants to take lessons, but was way too inebriated to have taken them even if Carl had showed up to teach them. He insisted on me teaching him the two-step, but basically he just hung all over me while I manipulated him around in a circle.

I was quite ready to leave there at 10:30, but stayed just a few more minutes to work on the crossword puzzle with Michael. At some point in the evening, Brigner walked by and made some snide remark about an exciting night at Flex doing a crossword puzzle.

Yes, line dancing at Flex is definitely participating in a slow death march.
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