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The curl up and dye, a cardio workout, a Lost backchannel, and saving nothing...

~Tuesday~  Sci-Fi Fantasy Man and Library Man were on when I boarded, and both heads-down reading. Naturally, S-FFM was reading a novel, he had ear buds in, and he still needed a haircut. LM sat behind me, but I saw before I sat down that he was reading a newspaper as opposed to a magazine this morning.

Once again, there was a mini-bus convention at the intersection of Gorman and Conifer streets, with our city bus, a Wake County Public School bus, and a Wolfline bus.

Logorrhea got on at a subsequent stop and had the most nonsensical conversation with the bus driver for the first several minutes. She talked about missing this city bus on Friday (you read it first here in my blog, folks) and running to the Wolfline bus to catch it. She said at least three times that the reason she missed the city bus is because she keeps her clocks set five minutes fast. That makes no sense whatsoever.

At the next stop, two African-American women got on that she knew and they sat next to her. One of them started complaining about her last haircut, and I captured these snippets, all from Logorrhea:

  • Yeah, girl. She got to get out the triple row stimulator.

  • She gotta get degreaser now.

  • Yeah, that flat iron and that blow dryer gonna get it.

  • I mean even if it start gettin' nappy she gotta do it.

This whole conversation reminded me of that hair salon we pass on the way to Carolina Beach: The Curl Up and Dye.

Today was weigh-in day, which I did first thing in the morning. I just stayed the same this week, which I didn't even get discouraged about. I exercised all seven days this week, and my clothes are feeling better than ever, so I'll just wait for the scale to catch up with me.

I only had one meeting, our department meeting, and it was first thing in the day. I spent a lot of my day cleaning up minutes from our Student E-Mail meeting of last Friday.

I also went through a bunch of Twitter follows for @ncsu_oit, did some follow-up work for the upcoming UITC meeting, and did a little work for the Internal Communications subcommittee of the Campus Communicators group.

I caught the 5:30 city bus home, upon which I found Temporary Alice and her daughter (formerly known as her sister) Word Search Lady. At about five minutes into the ride, TA noticed that there was a camera mounted on the ceiling of the bus up by the bus driver. I hadn't noticed it, but ironically, I had just read a sign that I thought was new that said something to the effect of, "For your safety and protection, audio and video surveillance of this bus may be in progress."

A man sat in the seat between Temporary Alice and Word Search Lady, who was doing her usual talking out loud while she was doing her puzzle. "Six. Letters. Going. Across," and "S. T. R. A. T. E. G..." I could see the guy sitting to my right and in the seat in front of her sort of rolling his eyes back to try and nonchalantly see who in the hell she was talking to.

On the way to the gym, I stopped at K-Mart, where I exchanged a reusable coffee filter that I bought weeks ago (might even be months now) for one that actually fits my coffee pot, three greeting cards, and some dishwasher detergent.

I did a 60-minute cardio workout on the cross-trainer machine, during which I burned 1187 calories. A few things of interest during that time:

  1. I started off listening to my iPod, but the ear buds were already starting to slip out due to my sweating as I'd not put in the ones that clip over my ear specifically for working out, when I lifted the ear bud cord too high, and it pulled my iPod off the ledge of the machine and it went flying onto the floor.

  2. I turned my attention to the TV in front of me on which I think Lost was on. They never said it, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. While reading the subtitles at the top of the screen, I suddenly noticed what looked like an intermittent commentary running along the bottom of the screen, which reminded me of "the Twitter backchannel." It was giving backstory to what was going on, saying things like, "Jack found this out in Episode Four," and stuff like that. How interesting. It was a lot of reading, though, by the time you read the subtitles of the conversation and the backstory on the bottom, you barely had time to watch the video part of what was happening. It's so interesting how television technology is evolving.

  3. There were two African-American girls on the two machines in front of me, and they both had the typical "woman figure" with fairly normal sized waistlines, but huge hips and asses. I had to laugh at one point when on one of the TVs a commercial came on for Pizza Hut (all pizzas $10) and the one tapped the other one and pointed up at the screen all excited about how delicious all those pizzas looked. I was right with them. That shit looked killer.

After my workout, I dropped into the grocery store where I bought a cucumber, some celery, some sliced mushrooms, and two granny smith apples, none of which were specials if you had one of their VIC cards.

At the checkout, the guy had two items left that he was going to put in another bag, and he said, "Okay to put this all in one bag?" to which I replied, "Yes."

The cashiers there always say, "You saved $2.50 [or whatever] with your VIC card today," and tonight mine said, "You saved..." then looking for the amount, continued, "...nothing today."

"Well, I saved a bag," I retorted as he handed me the one.

At home, I had a killer, killer salad of cucumber, onion, celery, carrot, mushroom, Italian (four) cheeses, and topped with some diced boiled chicken breast that I had poured some Teriyaki marinade on before I left for the gym. It was so delicious.

I made a couple of moves in a couple of Scrabble games, and missed a chat with Robert, although he was logged into AIM all evening. I hope everything's okay.

I did my homework readings, and actually got to bed at a decent hour.
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