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Empowered by PowerPoint, meeting mania, class, shagging, and a BP log...

~Monday~  I caught the 8:30 #1 Avent Ferry Wolfline bus in this morning, as I had a class at the Avent Ferry Technology Center (AFTC), which is right across from the Mission Valley Shopping Center on Avent Ferry Road.

I've only ever taken that bus before to take it all the way into campus. I made a mental note that next time, when getting off at the AFTC, I need to sit near the rear door instead of near the front of the bus. That's because, by the time the bus gets down to Mission Valley, it's so jam-packed with students standing in the aisle that it makes it hard to get off the bus, as on the Wofline buses, you have to exit from the rear door.

For some reason, I had in my mind that my colleague Twanda was teaching the PowerPoint class I was taking from 9:00-12:00 this morning, but it turned out to be my friend and colleague Jen. Yes, Jen, the very one in my Social Media and Technical Communication class and with whom I'm taking shagging lessons.

This morning's class was on PowerPoint, and although I've done tons of PowerPoint presentations in my time, Jen knows a lot of the advanced features and nuances about PowerPoint, so I took advantage of the opportunity to learn some of those things in the class.

It was a fun class, which included four guys in there from facilities or housing—guys you wouldn't expect to be doing presentations in their job. We were encouraged to choose a "fun" topic to make a presentation about it, and those guys came up with some very good ones, making very good use of images, actually.

I felt compelled to use the time to start creating a presentation I'm going to have to do in my class in a couple of weeks, and I'm glad I did, because now I'm off to a very good start on it.

I worked with my officemate and teammate, Rhonda, on a communique that we're going to have to send to some people to "evict" them from one of our network domains, and it involved a short meeting with a bright, fun guy up a floor from us in our building. After our meeting, Rhonda did most of the work on the communique, and I added my two cents to it, before she forwarded it to our manager.

I worked on an edit of four other communiques that will be sent to students: 1) when their request for a Google Gmail invitation is honored, 2) when the migration of their e-mail from our old e-mail system to the new Gmail system begins, 3) another when the migration is completed, and 4) one welcoming them to Gmail.

As the day came to a close, I glanced at my calendar to see how many meetings I have tomorrow, and although tomorrow's schedule is fine, I nearly screamed when I saw Thursday's schedule. I don't think I've ever had that many work meetings in one day. It'd be ridiculous even without that little problem between 2:00 & 3:00.

Tonight in Social Media and Technical Communication class, we briefly discussed our reading assignments, as we had already posted about them in a discussion forum, and then we moved on to two presentations being given tonight, since last Wednesday's class was canceled. Kate gave hers on SMS & MMS (i.e., texting), and Neal gave his on Video.

Right at 7:15, Jen and I beelined it out of there and rode out to the Bond Park Community Center for our shagging lessons. I called my mom on the way, who turned 78 today. My dad answered the phone, and he sounded in great spirits. Mom had had a good day, with a nice birthday lunch at O'Charley's.

We spent the entire hour of dance lessons tonight pretty much reviewing the belly roll and the pivot, and practicing transitioning in and out of them and into and out of the basic step.

At the very end of the night, actually in the 15 minutes we ran over, we learned the stutter step. We weren't perfect at it, but both Jen and I caught onto it and didn't have any major issues. Yay!

At home, I:

  1. took my blood pressure—112 over 66 with a pulse of 66

  2. had a late dinner

  3. had an instant message chat with Robert

  4. made a few Scrabble moves in the three games I'm currently playing

  5. paid my auto insurance online and signed a form to renew my homeowners insurance, both under duress as I really wanted to change insurance companies, but can't due to an issue with my homeowners association that I'm not going to get into here, but that I'm not happy about

I really needed to do a little work tonight, but I was too tired. Just capturing these recent blood pressure readings:

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