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Janet's birthday, Diane's obit...

I had a full day at work today. I left work at 10:30 to pick up Courtney at the Southwest Terminal. I left for my 1:00 meeting in B002 at about 12:50. As it turned out, I had listed the wrong conference room in the meeting notice to the panelists for the GLBT Education Module (EE301 instead of E301), so I waited on the "other side of the bridge" for "lost souls."

I met Sam Van Alstyne, from Austin, roaming the hall. I recognized him from him EAGLE profile. "Are you Sam?" I asked him as he walked by. "Sam, I am." he replied. I directed him to the other side of the bridge.

The education seemed to have gone real well. I wished the managers would have asked more questions, and would have participated more during the HR scenarios, but the questions that were asked were thoughtful.

It'll be interesting to see a summary of the feedback sheets that the participants filled out before leaving.

I talked to Jim about moving my draft one distribution date from Friday, 5/16, to Monday 5/19, and the actual review date from 5/21 to 5/22, because I need the weekend to complete work on it. He was surprisingly okay with this.

I called Janet at about 5:00, just wanting to acknowledge her birthday, even though I knew it wasn't going to be a "happy" one. She seemed a little out of it (understandably). She was working with Diane's animals in the house, specifically with Max (her cat who, of course, rules her home), and one of Diane's cats, Leo, who was used to ruling his home. That's not going especially smoothly.

I told her I wish I could take her out for her birthday, and she said, "You can." I explained that I meant I wasn't able to, as I have a Friday deadline, am working late, and that I had a guest staying at my house. I really wished I could have gone. It sounded like she could have used a diversion, and it was her birthday. I promised that we'd do it another time, and we will.

Courtney and I left work at about 7PM. Once home, we went for a (2-mile) walk around the block, stopping at Pizza Hut to have a pizza and some salad for dinner along the way.

I tried to read Martin & John but fell asleep after only reading a few pages.

Diane's Obiturary was in the paper today:

Diane was born in Roanoke, Virginia on September 22, 1954. She graduated from Radford College in Radford, Virginia in 1985 with a degree in chemistry.

She worked for 17 years as a chemist with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, most recently as a project officer for the National Toxicology Program. She published a number of scientific papers and received several awards for her work.

Diane was very talented musically. She wrote songs, sang beautifully, and played guitar and keyboards. She died at the peak of health and fitness, in a place she loved, while snorkeling among coral reefs.

She is survived by her parents, James W. and Wanda Eloise Overstreet of Roanoke, Virginia. Her brother, J.B. Overstreet, predeceased her.

A memorial service will be held on May 14, 7:30 PM, at West Mill Wellness Center, 6300 Chapel Hill Rd. (Hwy 54) in Raleigh.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, or any other charity.

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