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Sci-Fi Fantasy Man and big guy, -4 pounds, class, blowin' off the gym, & a nor'easter blowin' in...

~Monday~  There were no regulars on the bus, well Sci-Fi Fantasy Man was on, but way in the back and I didn't see him until he got off the bus and walked up beside it before we pulled away.

At the McKimmon Center, this quite big guy walked toward the bus (as it had stopped a bit away from the stop due to a Wolfline bus stopped in front of it), and he was fingering through a small wallet trying to find his fare card, while he walked. Two guys walked behind him.

When he got to the bus, he stepped up first in line, and proceeded to stand there blocking the other two guys who were good to go, while he continued to finger through looking for his card. After a minute or so, he found it, passed in, and the other two guys immediately followed.

After the big guy took his seat (in my line of view, unfortunately for him), he held that little wallet in his hand while he nodded off. I kept waiting for it to slip out of his hands and dump onto the floor. It never did.

First thing at work this morning before having breakfast, I weighed in, since I'm not going to be in the office tomorrow to do it. I was pleased to have another four-pound loss, as I've had a straight seven days of exercising this past week, and while I went over my allotted (1900-2100) calories one day, I was below on two days. I realize that I can't keep losing at this rate, but I'm going to enjoy the ride while I'm on it. You must be this fat to ride this ride, and I am right now.

Shortly after that, my manager came into my office and presented me with a sympathy card for the loss of my aunt signed by several people in the office. As well, she handed me a homemade loaf of banana walnut bread in a very nice woven bread basket, mine to keep. "People care about you," she said. So thoughtful. The bread was even made with a low-fat mix and applesauce substituted for the oil, as she knows I'm dieting. Extra thoughtful. I work with some great peeps, and I'm grateful for that.

I had a relatively busy day, getting several things—some that I wanted to, some that I needed to—done before my three-day absence in the office. I worked right up until about 5:30, at which time I walked across and down the street a bit to my 6:00 class.

Social Media and Technical Communication class was interesting enough tonight. Kaitlin presented on the topic of Instant Messaging, the most most interesting part to me being the history of the technology, and the fact that Skype has an instant message component to it. I didn't know that.

We had two great social media-type stories shared tonight:

  1. Chatham had the programmer of the app she is blogging about post on one her blog entries, and

  2. Jen ended up with a free year's subscription to a product she tweeted about being unhappy with, when the company saw her tweet and wanted to "make it right." In an extra dramatic scene, between the time that she'd complained and they'd made it right, a competitor of that product also tweeted to her something to the effect of, "We see you're unhappy with x product, and we wanted you to know that we have a similar product..." Cool. You can read her blog entry about how it went down if you're interested.

I waited a little longer for the #9 Greek Village bus than I would have preferred to. I need to remember to check its schedule for that hour and either get out there a little earlier, or just hang around in the building on my laptop or in the lab so as not to wait so long out in the cold.

I thought I was going to the gym, but when I got home, I had a call from my aunt about the pending "nor'easter" coming through New England the next couple of days and how that might or might not effect the funeral of my aunt.

Then I had a couple of calls with my parents about packing boots and perhaps an extra day's worth of clothes just in case. Before you know it, it was a little after nine, and with it being that late and not having yet packed, I blew off the gym. I've been for the past seven days in a row anyway.

A little later I exchanged a couple of calls with my cousin, Lisa, (daughter of my aunt), and we talked about some logistics about Wednesday—around trying to organize a lunch gathering after the funeral and about getting her boyfriend, Terry, to a place with Internet access by 1:00 for a 2:00 webinar that he's hosting.

I did a quick pack job before going to bed, which I did at a respectable hour.

Off to New England in the morning. Blog updates may be delayed, as may our return flight home on Thursday due to that nor'easter predicted to blow through on Wednesday, the day of the funeral. Could get interesting.
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