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A board meeting, a cardio workout, the Tina Turner gay agenda witchhunt, and homework...

~Sunday~  I slept in and drove to Manbites Dog Theater Company in Durham for our February 1:00 - 2:30 board of directors meeting.

A bright spot in the meeting was the presence of Marshall, who is going to be doing Donor Development work for the theater—something we've desperately needed, and if the articulation of his plans over the next several months are any indication, he's going to be a tremendous asset to us.

I made reservations for our car at the Providence airport on Tuesday, so everything's set for the trip.

I also requested my prescription from my eye doctor's office. I'm curious to see how that's going to play out.

At the gym today, I did 60 minutes of cardio, starting off with 40 minutes on the cross-trainer, burning off 760 calories, and then moving to the treadmill for 20 minutes, burning off an additional 250 for a total 1010-calorie burn.

Although I listened to high-energy music on my iTouch while I worked out, I was distracted by two shows on VH1—the first being the story of Ike & Tina turner, which made me wonder how many songs by Tina I had on my iTouch. Later at home, a quick search by artist revealed that I only had three, which is probably a low enough number to have my gay card revoked if the busy, busy people working on the gay agenda ever get down to the witchhunt item. (Go ahead. Click on the agenda. You'll see it's pretty far down.)

When that finished, something that looked like it was probably a documentary came on about the history of Soul Train, and I enjoyed watching many clips of the show. The hairdos and clothes alone made it worth the watch.

I stopped into the grocery store next door after my workout with a particular purchase in mind—some kind of protein drink with a low carb count. I couldn't find any protein drinks (bottles or powder), and I walked up and down all of the aisles twice. I should have just asked, but I just assumed that they didn't sell it at the grocery store, and perhaps had to go to a place like GNC or maybe even a department store.

Once home, I asked Robert about it who told me they do sell it at grocery stores. I'll try the Food Lion near my house tomorrow.

I had quite the healthy dinner tonight with two cans of albacore tuna in water dumped into a frying pan, adding fresh onions, green peppers, and mushrooms in it. Before eating it, I topped it with some celery salt. Pretty good for healthy.

I stayed in tonight, and worked on homework for tomorrow night's class.
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