DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Jay's birthday...

We got up at 7:30, and had breakfast. Robert came to our training ride, which was out in Henderson and Oxford. He drove "the sweep vehicle" for us.


- Today we did the "Henderson to Oxford" route, which was approximately 30 miles. The turnout was really small, probably for a couple of reasons. One, it was Mother’s Day, and two, one of the other riders sent an e-mail out Saturday night basically saying it was crazy to drive over an hour to Henderson to do a 30-mile bike ride, and so he was organizing his own ride in Raleigh. I thought this was pretty poor, not a very team player move at all.

- Robert, a wonderful man in my life, and a generous supporter of my ride, came along with us today and drove “the sweep vehicle.”


- Again, how far we’ve come in our training. This 30-mile ride really was pretty much a breeze. We were at the pit stop before we knew it, and at the half-way turn around point shortly after that.

- What the cute little city of Oxford looks like on a bright Mother’s Day Sunday morning. There were some beautiful historic homes on the one street we ride on. Funny, Robert and I each said what we thought about when he saw those big, beautiful homes. I said, “I always wonder if the people living there are happy.” He said, “I always wonder what their heating bills are.”


- The slightest of tension, for just a short period, of that muscle on the underside of my left thigh. And, no, I didn’t stretch again. J


- Good about having made the ride all the way out there just to ride 30 miles. Ken, our captain is always so affirming. He really is a nice guy.

- I, once again, really enjoyed having a sweep vehicle. It was nice to see my car go by several times, with Robert waving in encouragement, or to see the car up ahead, at the top of a hill, or at our next corner. It’s just comforting.

After the ride, we stopped at Arby's in Henderson and had lunch. Joe and John joined us. As we were leaving, Joe asked me about possibly going to Flex later this afternoon, where John and Andy would be playing pool. I told him to check in with me to see how it looked then.

Once back in Raleigh, I read about 2 pages of my book, and fell asleep. At about 3:30, we woke up and Robert left. I remembered that today was Jay's birthday, and we have birthday dinner plans this evening.

Got at Jay's just after 6:30. Howard and Matt were already there, and Jim was on his way. He'd gone to Vertigo's directly, and discovered it closed today. As is Fraser's and Irregardless. We decided on On the Border.

We looked at Jay's Kauai pictures, and then head out. We had a good dinner out on the patio area. Afterward we went to Goodberry's. Yum.

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