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Beach party in Garner...

I met Joe in North Raleigh for a 23-mile bike ride that turned out to be 31 miles!


- There wasn’t an organized ride today, as Team Alliance (the team Joe and I are training with) had a bake/yard sale fundraiser instead today.

- Joe and I met in North Raleigh at Litchford and Falls of the Neuse at 9AM, and did the “Falls of the Neuse” training ride, which was 23 miles. I ended up taking a wrong turn, and with that factored in, we ended up doing 31 miles. Yippee!


- That we’ve really come a long way from the last time we did this route, which was on March 23rd. We were to the pit stop before we even knew it.

- What Six Forks Road looks like taking it north when it makes that left turn. This was the wrong way, but it didn’t occur to me we were off track until quite a ways out. Though, when we crossed highway 98, I thought, “Odd. This doesn’t seem right.” A little further along I noticed that the road had changed from Six Forks Road to New Light Road. We turned around.


- No big pains today. Every once in a while my knee hurt, where I have an old soccer injury. And every once in a while, I had a little tension in a muscle on the underside of my left thigh. I should probably stretch a little more before starting.


- I felt “back on track” today -- a good attitude recovery from last weekend. Of course we only went 31 miles.

- After the ride, Joe and I drove back to the wrong turn we’d made and measured how far out of the way we’d gone. It was just over 4 miles, one way. We were thrilled that that took our 23-mile ride up to 31 miles.

After our ride, I called Donna to see about meeting for lunch. Turns out she was under the weather so we postponed lunch. Joe and I had lunch at Milton's.

At about 3:00, I started icing the Pistachio Nut Cake. I hate putting that frosting on. As it turned out, it didn't fit in the cooler, which was a pain. Robert held it for me on the way to Steve's.

Brian and Steve's party was fun -- a very mixed crowd, but everyone seemed to get along just fine. There were some good groceries there! Jay brought a totally hot stud of a date, David.

We left there at about 8:30, and were in the bed between 9:30 and 10. At 2:00, we woke up and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

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