DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Diane's death...

I had a hectic work day today, but unfortunately didn't get much writing done.

We got this note from Janet down in St. Croix today:

05/08/2003 03:25 PM

To: Suzanne
Subject: Diane

Suzanne, there was a terrible accident on Tuesday. Diane disappeared while snorkeling and was found later on the beach. I'm totally devastated.

Everyone here is very warm and supportive and taking good care of me. I've called her parents, coworkers, and friends who are handling things on that end. I have to stay until Saturday to wait for the autopsy and to make sure all the arrangements are carried out. She will be sent to Puerto Rico for cremation.

I don't have my Palm with me so I don't have phone numbers or email addresses. I remembered yours. Please tell my boss, Nelson Fulbright -- I'm not sure he knows who I went with, but you can tell him it was my ex-partner. I was planning to return to work next Friday, but it won't be until the following Monday at the earliest. Please tell him I'm the executor of her estate and will have many things to take care of.

I'm sending this from my earthlink account. I'll check my mail tomorrow. Thanks for helping out.


How absolutely awful. Mary took this especially hard.

I sent Irene a dozen roses in congratulations of Trinity's accreditation. I had a short chat with her on the phone. She was in a very good place, and she wears that well.

I left work after 6PM today. Later, I ran out to Harris Teeter to buy the ingredients for the Pistachio Nut Cake, and made it, and the icing tonight.

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