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Disolved dreams, calorie-bagging, cleaning, volunteering, Scrabbling, and dancing...

~Saturday~  I was up after eight glorious hours of sleep. I was having some very involved dreams, which I was happy to leave behind to dissolve in my mind.

I spent a couple of hours going through papers and straightening out things in anticipation of cleaning my house tomorrow afternoon in preparation for Casey's arrival tomorrow evening.

I sliced a big smoked peppered turkey breast I bought a month or so ago from someone at work whose child selling them to raise money—it was either that or grapefruit and I hate grapefruit. I also sliced a brick of extra sharp cheddar cheese. To facilitate counting calories in the coming week, I weighed the meat in three-ounce servings and put each serving in a Baggie. I did the same with the cheese, in one-ounce servings. Now, I can just grab 'em and run during the week. No fuss, no muss.

I did some volunteer work as a Manbites Dog Theater board of directors member, getting the agenda ready for tomorrow morning's meeting.

I played online Scrabble with Robert, Will, and PJ—all separate games.

Dancing was pretty festive tonight. We had a good number dancers, and the crowd grew as we approached our 10:30 stop time. I had my regular two-step with Bill (to the country version of Irreplaceable), a two-step with Chris (zinnian) (to Mandy Barnett's Planet of Love), and a rather sexy shadow dance with Carl, with whom I've never shadow danced before, as that's usually his and Michael's signature dance. Michael was not there tonight.

Tonight's theme after dancing was Kodiak (the gay rugby team) Night. Joe and I spent some time talking with Les ("new guy in town"), Brian (RDU), and Phil.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), dancing, exercise, manbites

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