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Eating disorders, despising in others, aboard the Cluetrain, dinner, and a hag...

~Wednesday~  I was up early again this morning, and caught the Wolfline (#9 Greek Village) bus in to work. This was probably the last bus students could catch to get to an 8:00 class, and before it was all said and done, there were people standing in the aisle, but it wasn't butts-to-nuts. 8:00 classes are not the most popular classes on campus.

An open seat remained between me and a plus-sized girl to my left that, really, only quite a thin person could have taken between our girths. No one ever did take the seat, and at one stop a girl walked by us to get off who was bone-thin. I mean her pelvic bones really stuck out where the bottom of her shirt was about an inch-and-a-half short of reaching the waistline of her pants, exposing skin.

I glanced at the plus-sized girl, who was also looking at the girl's stomach, and I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was, "That girl has an eating disorder." The irony was not lost on me that some would argue that the plus-sized girl and myself have eating disorders as well. We despise most in others...

The first University IT Committee meeting of 2010 was this morning from 9:30-11:00 in the Faculty Senate Chambers, and I like to get in early for that so I can:

  1. Print just a few copies of the agenda.
  2. Print one copy of the draft minutes from last meeting to be approved at this meeting.
  3. Print one copy of each subcommittee or topical report to have on hand if needed for reference during the meeting.
  4. Transform the agenda into a minutes document to use during the meeting.
  5. Check that the audio recorder works.
  6. Print the sign-in sheets.
  7. Boot up the laptop used to display the agenda and presentations during the meeting to allow any automatic updates queues up since its last use to complete.
  8. Get over to the meeting room early to put out name tent cards for members of the voting body.
  9. Boot up the projector in the meeting room and hook up the laptop to it.
  10. Look relaxed when everyone walks in.

Today our CIO, whose meeting it is, and who therefore facilitates it, had to leave at 10:00, and I was surprised that he asked me to facilitate the remaining hour of the meeting, which only consisted of stating the next topic and presenters on the agenda—but I was still surprised that he asked little ol' me to do it.

I ran home during lunch today, where I had a healthy lunch, which I tracked with dailyburn.com. I've been very impressed with this (free) website, which allows tracking of your weigh-ins, what you eat each day, and how much exercise you do each day. So far without fail, I've been able to find what I've eaten—or something that represents what I've eaten—in the database of foods.

Before heading back to the office, I packed my gym bag, as Jen and I were heading there after class tonight.

I'm so excited! I've secured two tickets to The Monti for tomorrow night! I tried to get tickets last week, but it was sold out, so I got on the waiting list—through Twitter, no less! I received word today that they made two tickets available to me, and I snatched them up.

Class was interesting enough tonight. We discussed The Cluetrain Manifesto, which I just loved, talked a little bit about this (rather tedious to watch, and long) video on Content Generation Strategies, and each created a Wordpress blog that we're going to use in the class. Yay!

Jen gave me a ride to my car, which was parked in the Avent Ferry Shopping Center's Wolfline Park & Ride area, and just before jumping out to get in my car to follow each other to the gym, she said, "I'm starving!"

"I am, too!" I said.

"Let's eat dinner instead of going to the gym!" she offered.

After a one-millimeter arm twist, I said, "Yes!" We ate at the Mexican restaurant right there in that shopping center.

I got home at 8:35 and at 8:45 I was off to Flex for dancing. We had a decent number of dancers tonight, but very few bar patrons, which included a guy and a female friend of his. The immediate assumption by everyone was that the "couple" consisted of "a fag and his hag."

After a little while, the girl got up, and walking over to a group of about five (gay, of course, as that's what you tend to find in a gay bar) guys asked them, "Do you think I'm straight or a Lesbian." It turned out that she was straight, and in a seeming attempt to prove it spent the rest of the night sitting at the bar talking to that new, totally hot straight bartender that I mentioned last week.

I don't think she got lucky, but at least she didn't spend the night barking up the wrong tree.
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