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Breasts beyond belief, a potato side FAIL, some to-do items checked off...

~Sunday~  I slept in this morning. Glorious Sunday. Right after breakfast, I did two loads of laundry.

Facebook is really off base with these ridiculous ads that keep popping up down the right side of my screen while I'm logged in:

I tweeted this about them:

Hate to tell advertisers that those [obviously Photoshopped—to the point of looking deformed] huge-breasted women in the photos w/the "Class of 1975 Profiles" ad don't pique my interest at all. #SexualOrientationFail

I met Joe at Red Lobster for dinner, where we had the Two Three-Course Meals for $29.99 that they have going on. On top of that, we used $30 worth of gift cards that Joe had. I picked up the extra and the tip. It's the least I could do.

We split the Mozzarella Cheesesticks appetizer, each had a salad, and each had the Peach-Bourbon BBQ Chicken and Shrimp entrée. The waiter told us that we had a choice of one side, so I chose a baked potato and Joe chose French fries. What we found out when our entrées arrived, that our waiter didn't tell us, was that the entrée came with mashed potatoes as an included side. #WaiterFAIL

We stopped by Panera Bread afterwards for a cup of coffee, and when Joe went around the corner of the coffee bar to refill his cup, he found it empty. It was about 7:40 and when he asked when they closed they said, "We're closed already. We're closing early for an employees' meeting tonight." Evidently there was a sign taped on the door that we missed when we came in.

A friend of mine is getting married a little later this year, and she has asked me if—when she's done with them—I'd take a look at the wedding vows she's going to write.

I played several Scrabble games tonight, the most active ones being with Robert and PJ.

I sent an e-mail to my friend Mary inquiring about the possible early purchase of Wicked tickets for one of the performances at the DPAC in May.

I created a poll for the first half of 2010's Manbites Dog Theater board of director meetings and sent that out.

I took a look at the syllabus for the class—ENG 583a Social Networking and Technical Communication—I'm taking this semester that starts tomorrow.

I sent out a couple of work e-mails requesting some information that I'll need to complete some tasks in the morning.

I read a little of Three Cups of Tea.
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