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A bus ride in the dark, existential sunrise thoughts, disappearing idling cars, a workout, & dancing

~Wednesday~  I caught the 6:45 city bus this morning, so not surprisingly none of my characters were on board. It was still dark out at that time, and it's another cold day here, so most people had on lots of clothing.

Two people, whom I think were both men (well, college boys), both got off at a stop where there's nothing but apartments. They walked up to the corner closest to the bus stop, and just stood there next to a still lit-up sign with the name of the apartment complex. Very strange for this hour of the morning—to get off the bus and just stand around in the cold.

When the bus got over by the McKimmon Center where there's more open space (i.e., the apartment buildings end) the sky was a beautiful color as the sun was coming up. This is definitely something I rarely see, and for some reason I got very existential all of a sudden thinking thoughts like:

  • This goes on every day. The earth takes a turn and just in time—in the morning—the sun comes up again.

  • Funny how we've created a lot of words and concepts around that, and that it's been going on for time immemorial.

  • That antenna tower right there, we've evolved such that things other than natural things like trees and mountains are sticking up out of the ground—man-made things that do all kinds of crazy things. And there's things under the ground, too, like fiber optics for instance.

  • How long will, or can, this go on?

  • Who's gonna find whatever might be left when it stops?

  • Can this be the only place this is going on? Did it happen on other planets, just at different times?

Right about then the music from the Twilight Zone came into my head. That's some heavy shit for 7:00 in the morning.

The reason I went into work this early this morning was to get something done before a 9:00 meeting, which I managed to get done right on time.

I am always stumped for an answer whenever I'm asked, "Who's one of your heroes?" If anyone reading this ever finds himself (or herself) in my company when I'm asked that question, please remind me that my answer is, Dan Savage. (You'll remember that Dan is the one I went a little crazy over when I discovered that he was the host of the amateur porn film competition I attended while visiting my friend Kevin (av8rdude) in Seattle in October.)

"Gay couples can't get drunk and accidentally adopt."

Thanks to my (straight) friend Nick for alerting me to this video with a tweet pointing to it and saying: "Dan Savage: 'Gay couples can't get drunk and accidentally adopt' #BrilliantFunnyAndFactual."

This local news item reminded me of my neighbor's loudly idling SUV: Cars Stolen While Being Left to De-ice. Off in a daydream, I imagined myself—with some location-based technology—giving thieves the GPS coordinates of an "easy mark."

Another reason I went into work early this morning was to leave early to go to the gym with my colleague and friend, Jen. We left work at 4:00, and she dropped me by my place and went on to the gym. I changed, grabbed my stuff and arrived there to find her just starting on the treadmill.

I went back to the upper body machines and did the first two machines, cutting my 5 sets back to 4 on each machine, and then started over with her showing her the machines that are included in the recommended "toning" circuit, as neither one of us are interested in amassing huge muscles.

Dancing was just alright tonight. I got some decent cardio in if nothing else. There was a new hot bartender working tonight—at least his biceps are totally hot, and he has tattoos all up and down his arms. Oh yeah, and he's straight. At one point in the evening, he made a very catty remark about someone in that bar that cracked me up. I'm not including the name here in case the person reads my blog even though I'm quite sure he doesn't.

We had a decent number of dancers, however there were close to zero bar patrons, which always takes away from the fun of the evening. There wasn't anybody interested in taking a lesson, so Carl didn't do one.

We pretty much all left at about 10:55.
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