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Waning vacation days, a mistaken identity caller, coffee w/Patrick, and dancing...

~Saturday~  I was up at 11:00 after a full eight hours sleep. Glorious—albeit too-quickly disappearing—vacation days.

For breakfast, I had a bagel and a yolkless hard-boiled egg along with a sesame seed bagel with honey walnut cream cheese on it, and some coffee from a coffee pot that was on its best behavior this morning.

I chatted and played online Scrabble with Robert for a while, and then right before hopping in the shower, I got a phone call inviting me to join a small group of friends at Finch's for brunch. After, responding to the caller with a couple of responses like, "Thanks, girl," "But, no; I've already eaten," "No, not even just for coffee as by the time I got there, you'd be leaving," and "But, are you going out tonight, gurl?" and "No, not Legends, Flex!" I realized that I was not talking to Alex like I thought, but Eric instead.

In the future, might I recommend a possible phone conversation that begins, "Hi, this is..." With all that said, I do recognize this invitation as an implicit affirmation.

I went to the gym this afternoon hoping it wouldn't be too crowded with New Year's Resoluters, and surprisingly it wasn't. However, while I was there, at least three parties of folks— presumably people who are considering joining—were shown around the gym by a staff member.

I started off my workout with about ten minutes of stretching and then 150 ab crunches—10 sets of 15 reps. After that, I did the upper body circuit, resetting my weights to levels even lower than the level I had lowered them to the last time I attempted to restart my upper and lower body routines, since I couldn't raise my arms for four days after that debacle.

While I'm sure I'll "feel it" tomorrow, hopefully I've not strained anything. (I know, "That's what she said.")

I met Patrick Barclay for coffee at the Mission Valley Cup A Joe, and enjoyed the combination of some hot chocolate on a cold day and thoroughly engaging conversation over time that just flew by. Glad to know Patrick a little better and count this encounter as an implicit affirmation.

Just before leaving, the guy sitting at the table around the corner from us stepped outside to have a cigarette and I recognized him as Brad, who was there with his wonderful girls, Frances and Eleanor. When I got home, I started a forum discussion in the Salon Entelechy Ning called, "Out of Salon Salonnières Sightings," and made an entry about seeing Brad and his girls out and about.

Dancing was a lot of fun tonight, in spite of only having four people there, and only three for the first 45 minutes or so. Steven, Carl, and I were there at the beginning, and Bill arrived later as he had to make an airport run to pick up his daughter and drop her off at a friend's house. Joe and Phil did eventually arrive, but it was probably for the last ten minutes of dancing, so they didn't participate.

We did hardly any two-stepping tonight; I had my "standard" one with Bill to the country version of Beyoncé Irreplaceable by Sugarland.

It got really crowded and the last dance right at 10:30 was Walk The Line, which only Carl and I do, and we did it to Sin Wagon. It was great fun as the crowd was all around and one person kept hooting and hollering like he was at a rodeo or hoedown or something.

After dancing, the theme was bear411.com night, and it got pretty packed. At one point in the evening, I saw a guy who looked like this guy named Al who used to dance with us. He was actually there last night playing pool, too, whom I saw during that one hour I was there. We nodded to each other at the time. Tonight when I saw him, I asked Carl if he thought it was Al, and we eventually ended up talking to him, and indeed it was.

I spent the latter part of the evening talking with Bill (Alex's friend Bill, not Carl's Bill) and his friend Glen, who was up visiting from Wilmington, and whom he had run into at Trader Joe's after not seeing each other for a long time. They went to college together.

All in all, it was a fun night, and I got some great exercise in dancing—no doubt about that.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, coffee shops, dancing, exercise, friends, gym

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