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New Year's Eve... another complete calendar year of not missing a day of blogging...

~Thursday, New Year's Eve~  This is my 365th entry this year. Another full calendar year of not missing a day of blogging. Yay, me.

I was up at 9:00, which is fairly early for me on a vacation day, and after a sesame bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and some coffee, I put in a load of laundry (darks, if you must know), and I straightened up my place a little—in anticipation of Robert's arrival after work for the big countdown to 2010 this evening.

Five-sixths of Salon Entelechy converged on Helios at various moments in the day, with Anna, Sarah, and Kim among the earlier arrivals, me next, and finally after as many voicemail messages and texts as the amount of love behind each one, Brad made his entrance.

In anticipation of Brad's arrival, we stole a table and one of its two chairs from the middle of the coffee shop to extend the two that we were already using to three. We just left its other chair out there in the middle of the room facing where the table had been. It turned out to be quite the hoot, as a couple of guys, but one in particular, sat at it at various times sort of pretending like the table was still there.

Brad came bearing gifts, one of which was a can of Norm Thompson's Nuts & Cherries Mix, which of course was the perfect thank-you setup line from a gay guy, "Of course, I've had nuts recently, but it has been a while since a cherry." Badumpbump. We're here all week folks. Tip your bartenders and waiters.

I was also the proud recipient of a beautiful salad serving set with palm tree handles. Thanks, Andrew!

We started an online Scrabble game between Kim, Sarah, Anna, and me. Should be interesting. We didn't not want Brad to play, but he's not on Facebook enough to give us even the slightest chance to finish the game in 2010.

Other things accomplished today:

  • We created a couple more agenda items for Salon VII, which is scheduled for January 18th

  • I had Helios' Turkey Avocado Sandwich for lunch, which was delicious, as always

  • Some of us worked on one of our "homework" items for Salon VII, which is to pick a word from What Matters Now that reminds of us of each person in the Salon and be prepared to share it and say why

Back at home, I boiled some shrimp for shrimp cocktail and browned some hamburger and melted some cheese mixed with salsa for a dip to have with tortilla chips later with Robert.

He arrived at about 5:30, and we had said chip and dip, and while he did a load of laundry, we alternated between playing online Scrabble and doing a couple of Indy crossword puzzles.

We took a break in there, in which Robert took a short nap and I devised yesterday's and today's blog entries.

We watched the Times Square ball drop on my laptop via live streaming from newyears.earthcam.com, and mercifully were spared Dick Clark commentary. Bless his heart.

After a toast of Korbel Brut at midnight, and finishing the bottle shortly thereafter, we started 2010 with wild passionate sex. Ooops, TMI. Sorry.
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