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New Year's Eve eve...

~Wednesday~  Another lazy vacation day. Yay.

In the afternoon, I ventured out to make both a deposit and a withdrawal at the credit union. I deposited around $1200 and withdraw $140. The check I deposited was from Nathan, my financial advisor, and was the result of cashing out one of two Certificates of Deposit (CDs) that have been a part of my "middle tier rolling CD money strategy" for the past four or five years.

A couple of months ago, I told Nathan that I was finally starting to notice the effect of taking my job at NC State (in September 2008) whose salary amounted to a 54% cut in pay from what I was making at IBM. I wanted a little more money in my savings account and to that end, we agreed that when the next two of my rolling CDs matured we'd cash them out instead of reinvesting them. This was the second of those two checks.

The next errand consisted of a stop at the ABC store for some spirits. I considered the 1.75-liter (~½ gallon) bottles of Canadian Club (about $30), Wild Turkey (about $47), and Maker's Mark (about $55). There was a sign next to the Maker's Mark that said, "On Sale, $6.00 Off." Why not?

My final errand was a stop by the grocery store, where I bought mostly appetizers and munchies kind of stuff for tomorrow night, New Year's Eve.

I really thought it would be much more festive out at Flex tonight for line-dancing and two-stepping, but it wasn't.

Michael was back, albeit still suffering from the pain of shingles, and his friend Steven who hasn't seen him in a couple of years and who has been coming out the last couple of weeks to surprise him—but has twice been surprised himself at Michael's lack of presence—finally caught up with him.

Early in the evening, there was a handsome, bearish guy watching dancing, and I introduced myself to him. His name was Michael, and he was just passing through town on his way home to Baltimore after spending Christmas with his family in Savannah. He seemed nice enough, but shortly after chit-chatting he got up and walked out without even saying, "Nice to meet you." Perhaps it wasn't.

Joe and Loren were out, and I spent a little bit of time talking with them, but as it always is on Wednesday nights, dancing was my priority. I two-stepped with Bill, Rick, Joe T., and Rob. I left there at around 11:30.
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