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Christmas in Greenville, a grueling ride home, a nap, some Scrabble, and blogging...

~Friday, Christmas Day~

Happy Holidays, dear readers! Thanks for dropping in during the year. I appreciate you!

I headed out to Greenville at just after 9:00. Robert had to work today, so I traveled solo in overcast weather, but in light traffic. There were a couple of cops on the road, with at least one person getting a ticket that I witnessed. Or perhaps as a Christmas gift, they got a warning.

I checked in with Robert at his work, which I rarely do, but I figured (hoped) it would be slow enough there that he could talk long enough to exchange Merry Christmases. It was and he could. Sweet.

I arrived at a little after 10:30 and mom and dad arrived not long after me. As always, everything was just so at Vivian and Jeff's, and I actually made a point to get pictures of everyone present this time in addition to the ones I always get of Vivian's table highlighting the "theme de jour." This year it was:

Jingle Bells!

Pirate Tree & Nutcracker Snicker Bar Soldiers!

Vivian, Jeff, and Smokey's Christmas Tree

Spanish Singing Dog!

Dad and Jeff



Yours Truly

We had a most delicious meal consisting of boneless pork ribs, ham, potato salad, collards (for Mom and Jeff only), corn pudding, Waldorf salad, homemade Portuguese bread, olives, pickles, and I've probably missed one or two things. And a most delicious pecan pie for dessert.

We opened our gifts, and of course, mom and dad loved what they got me (my two pair of shoes) and what they got Vivian & Jeff (a vacuum cleaner), and what they got Robert (a gift certificate to the Carolina Theater in Durham).

Vivian and Jeff got me almost everything on my amazon.com wish list, including: Thank You cards, blank-inside Monet stationery-type cards, Tupperware containers, and a slew of books. Sweet.

We sent mom and off at about 3:00, and followed pretty much behind them. It was a miserable ride back to Raleigh as there was driving rain most of the way, reducing visibility to a very low level. The kind of driving that takes a lot of concentration, which less easily mustered on a full stomach in late afternoon.

The kind of driving that makes you want to nap when you get home, and that's exactly what I did.

I got up at just before 8:00, and played a couple of games of online Scrabble, one with Robert and the other with my friend Will. I thought about going out to Flex for a little while, but ended up staying in and devising this blog entry.

My friend Joe and I are off to Virginia Beach in the morning, but not before the K-Mart Pharmacy opens, as I must get my Nexium prescription refilled to take with me.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), family, self-pics, travel

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