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Two pairs of shoes, a wishful cowboy, a drive-by candy exchange, and peace on Halliwell Drive...

~Thursday, Christmas Eve~  I was up fairly early in spite of being off work today, as I pretty much dropped into the bed when I got home last night, so eight hours of sleep finished early.

I rode out to Kohl's with the specific intent of buying two or three pairs of shoes. It's a Christmas tradition in our family now for my mom (well, mom and dad, but it's always mom who does it), to give us money to buy ourselves what we want, wrap it up, and then unwrap it in front of her on Christmas day, at which time she squeals with delightful surprise at how she—once again—got us the perfect gifts. Works for me!

I knew I needed two pairs of shoes, the third was just a "maybe" if I saw some I wanted. I needed a replacement pair of Sperry Topsiders and a pair of black tennis shoes for dancing. I've mentioned here before a couple of things about so-called "fashion":

  1. I couldn't care less about it

  2. I couldn't care less about what other people think about it

  3. My only criteria for it is, "Is this item comfortable?"

  4. I never buy an article of clothing that's not on sale

  5. I never buy clothing that is going to cost me more money or work, such as something that needs to be dry-cleaned or ironed, respectively

  6. I never buy clothing from stores in a mall (well, if a store in it were going out of business and they had sales of something like 70% off, then I'd probably be there, or if I saw something in a store in a mall that I knew was as cheap as the same item in a department store, then I would buy it)

  7. When I find something that is comfortable, I will buy two or three of it, and I don't care if they're all the same color

  8. When something wears out that I really like, I'll buy the exact same thing to replace it (which is what's happening with the Sperry Topsiders)

  9. I have never lost a friend (at least that I know of) because of what I wear (or don't wear), and if I have... (I think you know the rest...)

I've had good luck with shoe sales at Kohl's before, and it's close to my house, so I tried there first. It didn't happen today, so I drove out to SRI Shoe Warehouse, which is a store I love. They always have a good variety there, and I have always found a pair in my size once I've spotted a brand and style I like. Today was no different. I got a pair of Sperry Topsiders, and then for the black tennis shoes, I got a brand and style that I've had once before and liked.

Browsing through the aisles when I first got there, I walked by an African-American couple who were standing amidst the cowboy boots, and the woman said, "He want a pair of boots," to which the man replied, "He move to Colorado and he think he a cowboy now?" By his tone, it was obvious that he wasn't thrilled with the idea of expensive boots for a faux Colorado Cowboy as a Christmas gift.

Two funny—and too funny—comments from friends on Facebook and Twitter, respectively:

My mom just said the funniest thing at the table for our Christmas brunch! As she's passing around the frosty the snowman dessert she says, "Who wants some head?" LOL

I tweeted that status, and a friend on Twitter direct messaged me this after evidently seeing it:

Hysterical! Reminds me that @ holiday dinner the other night... one sis-in-law said to another sis-in-law "Your pie smells so good"!

I met Robert at the Morrisville Outlet Mall by the airport for a drive-by hand-off from him to me of caramels for my parents and my sister and her husband tomorrow. A sweet gift from a sweet man in the midst of a hectic holiday time that he's working through. Thank you, my sweet.

Back home after a little chatting and playing a little Scrabble, I set my alarm for 11:00PM, and lay down on my couch by my lit Christmas tree with all of the other lights off in the house.

When the alarm went off, instead of getting up and going to Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night, I turned off the alarm, rolled over and promptly went back to sleep.

So, it's Christmas Eve on Halliwell Drive, and at least right here, right now, there's peace on earth:

Greeting Cards Have All Arrived

Along with Some Additional Picture Cards

My Tree-in-a-Box is Out of Its Box

And Glowing in the Dark of the Night
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