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There's only so much you can do with an egg, too much alcohol, and some dancing...

~Wednesday~  I had breakfast at Pam's Farm House restaurant, and the waitress was at our table and poised with her pad and pen within seconds after having delivered our coffee.

The two people with me were still looking at their menus, so I joked to her as she stood in the ready position, "You sure are ambitious this morning."

She deadpanned back at me, "There's only so much you can do with an egg, honey."

She did mine in an omelet, along with some cheddar cheese and sausage. I chose applesauce as my side, as the only other choice was grits, which I don't care for.

It was a "light" day at the office, although there were more people there than I thought would be: Nick, Chris, Sarah, and myself.

At one point a guy named Rob, who doesn't work in our suite of offices but does work on our floor, so shares the kitchen with us, came in and asked, "You guys got anything in the fridge you want to keep?"

"Not me," I said, and added, "But, thanks for cleaning it out."

"Oh, I'm not actually cleaning it," he said, "I'm just throwing out things."

We were "let out" today at 3:00, and I caught the 3:30 city bus home, which was pretty packed. I sat in the back of the bus, in the very last seat, which is a rarity indeed.

A young kid got on at the next stop and the crotch of his jeans hung down to the very top of his kneecaps. Naughty thoughts about a "third leg" came into my mind and I kept them there.

At another stop a guy got on and tried to stand up for the ride, which people do all the time on the Wolfline buses, but I guess is not allowed on the city buses, and he got into a shouting match with the driver before finally taking a seat next to a little kid. Nice life role model. Thanks.

I dropped over to Chris' place on Avent Ferry Road across from the Food Lion for a holiday drink.

He took me through his back yard to meet his neighbors, whose back yard backs up against his and where they've installed a gate to go back and forth. This neighbor, Dave, is a life-long (of 40 years) friend and I met him and his wife, Michelle. They also had friends visiting from Clover, S.C. quite near Lake Wylie, S.C., which is where Donna, my ex-wife, currently lives. Their names were Mike and Juanita, and Mike was in the Marines and stationed at Camp Lejeune for a time during his four-year service.

I drank way too much there, and I stopped at McDonald's for a quick dinner and to absorb some of the alcohol (that's my story and it's sticking to me) before dancing. At home, I lay down for a few minutes, which was a big mistake, as it wasn't nearly enough time for a nap, and I had to force myself to get up at 9:15 to drive down to Flex.

We only had a few dancers there tonight: Bill, Carl, Ernie, Rob, and me for the most part. I didn't drink anything at all the entire time there, which is a little telling about how much I imbibed earlier. I left there promptly at 11:00.
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