DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

May's Board Meeting...

I got a lot done at work today -- finished updating the 4.4.1 changes into the SGML versions of the pubs. Finally!

Book club was good today. We didn't discuss the book, however. Janet wasn't there. I spent some time outside talking with Sharon about how things are going as she was quite quiet at book club today. She told me of the things she's doing as a manager, and the good feedback she's been getting. She is quality people. I'm very proud of her.

I rushed leaving work to get to the post office by 5:30 to check the TCW mail. There was one piece of mail -- an "Agri-Supply" company advertisement.

I worked on incorporating the agenda into the minutes template so as to be prepared for tonight's meeting.

We had a big crowd at the board meeting with Robert, Shawn, and Craig in attendance. We elected Shawn to the board and to the position of Treasurer. Yippee! I think everyone is starting to feel a little bit better with more "bodies" on the board with Chris' recent appointment, and now Shawn's. Robert has also expressed interest in being on the board, and it sort of seemed like Craig might be interested as well.

A classic moment in the meeting for me was when Wayne mentioned the name of one of the seminars being put on at the GMHS, "Doing the Differently Dicked." Jan just looked at him like he was speaking some foreign language. The face she was making was just beautiful. Her head was tilted slightly to one side, her mouth was open a little, she was frowning, and she just had that general look of "huh?" on her face, but really trying to process what she had just heard. You could see that the wheels were turning, but the clutch just wouldn't engage. When he said the title, my immediate thought was, "Oh, that's about eroticizing nonstandard genitalia." Guess all this reading's actually been sinking in.

The meeting ran over a half-hour, which is not a good thing, but becoming more and more regular. It was a good meeting though. I presented my part of the NC Nonprofits Standards and Guidelines education, and it didn't go as well as I would have liked it to. Oh well. I'm done with it. It was sufficient, just not great.

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