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Homecapades, gymcapades, and Flexcapades...

~Friday~  I'm so grateful for having been able to work from home today. I got a boatload of stuff done including: four news blurbs for December's OIT News, completing an edit of that document for our CIO that I started yesterday, and editing a document in full that my manager wrote on "Green IT."

I had some nice professional affirmations from our Chief Information Officer and my boss's boss on that document I edited yesterday—actually they both said in separate e-mails independent of seeing the other's response, "Nice work!" And my boss was just thrilled with my edit of her "Green IT" report, saying, "Thanks so much for your edit. Your comments are GREAT! It's exactly what this needed to polish it up!" Yay!

I appreciate having the type of boss who appreciates the nuances of language. Another boss who doesn't, might have looked at my editing comments on his or her work and thought, "What an anal-retentive nut job!"

I participated in a bunch of simultaneous online Scrabble games today, including games with:

  • Robert
  • Will
  • Will & Kim
  • Kevin & Ricardo
Fun stuff.

At around 5:30, Kevin & Ricardo headed out to have dinner with Kevin's friend Eric, with plans to stop by his friend Dave's afterwards for a little visit.

I took the opportunity to head to the gym, where I did 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, for a 467-calorie burn. Who's counting to the calorie?

I can't decide if I was more mesmerized by the episode of This American Life that I was listening to or to the ass cheeks on the girl using the treadmill directly in front of me. Each obviously independent ass mound did this distinctive up-and-down and slightly left-and-right action. I couldn't take my eyes off them, as I was trying to discern: Are those things doing that naturally or is she affecting that?

But I digressed... This is the description of the This American Life episode, which I certainly wouldn't describe as compelling, but I would describe as entertaining:

Middle of the Night

Stories of people who are up while the rest of us are sleeping—some for work, some for play, and some for a free sandwich. Including the story of a woman walking alone at night, who encounters another woman walking alone at night, for the exact same reason, and a whole population of people haggling over the cost of oranges at 3 in the morning.

Kevin, Ricardo, and I left for Flex at about 10:10, and once there, we played one game of free pool—cut throat—and then Eric arrived and we played three or four games of partners—Eric and I on one team and Kevin and Ricardo on the other.

We had lots of laughs as Ricardo scratched so many times that it became funny. He broke one time and I said (to be funny), "It's almost impossible to scratch on the break," and sure enough—he did! We all fell out.

Kevin and Ricardo left at close to 11:30, and Eric and I hung out for probably another 40 or 45 minutes. There were two (real) girls DJing, so there were a lot of straight people in there. Not that there's anything wrong with straight people.
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