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Conspiring buscapade characters, becoming a student again, MBD signs, and the trivial at trivia...

~Tuesday~  I think my buscapade characters are conspiring against me for riding the Wolfline buses a lot lately. This morning's city bus offered up only Sci-Fi Fantasy Man, reading as usual, but without the usual ear buds in.

None of my other peeps made an appearance today.

We had our weekly department meeting from 9:00-10:00 to which I brought Tiramisu. Rhonda brought Crackerfuls, which I'd never heard of before and whose name seems a little bit derogatory to white people—"You crackers get your crackerfuls." I'm just saying...

I worked on the organization and navigation of our organization's accessibility website with one of my favorite people, Jen. I also did a usability test for her, which as usual, at times, had us in hysterics. The great thing about me is that I have just enough ego to blame things that I do wrong during product usability tests on the interface, application, or product design rather than on myself.

I submitted an application to enroll back in NC State as a NDS (Non-Degree Studies) student, which included having to pay a $25 application fee. I was surprised to find that the system couldn't find my previous student ID, as it's only been two years since I graduated with my Master's degree.

I'm going to register to audit ENG 583a Social Networking and Technical Communication in the Spring 2010 semester. As university employees, we can take up to two classes free (with the Tuition Waiver program) per academic year. Classes will start January 11 and run every Monday and Wednesday, from 6:00-7:15, through the end of April. I've never audited a class, so it should be interesting.

Temporary Alice and her assumed sister Word Search Lady were on the bus home. Temporary Alice had a stocking hat pulled over her head and did not speak to me today, and Word Search Lady sat across from her saying her letters out loud and working on her Word Search. All quiet on the western front.

I ran to Durham and dropped off those laminated "Manbites Dog Parking" signs at the theater, where there was someone in (full dress, evidently) rehearsal passing through the lobby who answered my knock and took the signs to give to Ed.

Back in Raleigh, I stopped in Helios where I spent at least 15 minutes trying to connect to their free wireless access. Finally, I looked at the list of other available free networks and connected to Solas'—the "upscale" restaurant next door.

At 9:25 I headed over to Legends for their 9:30 trivia game, and once I took a seat Mary K Mart told me that I would have to excuse myself from the 5th round as she was going to use the category and questions I sent in.

Things I learned and/or overheard tonight:

  • Tea was discovered in 2737 BC.

  • Everyone knows that the traditional "man on top" sexual position is called the "missionary position," but did you know that the "woman on top" position is called the "acrobat?"

  • I knew right away that "the part of the flower that produces the pollen" was not the first two of these answers offered in the multiple choices:

    1. Pedal

    2. Pistol

    3. Stamen
    Everyone knows that the pedal is the part of the bicycle that helps it go and that the only discharge that comes from a pistol is gunpowder. Bless their mess. Can you say petal and pistil?

  • During the break, I overheard (echoes of Gladys Kravitz) two very young girls sitting behind me have this exchange:

    • Girl 1: "I drink mixed drinks at home before I go out. Once I'm out, I drink beer, because it's so much cheaper."

    • Girl 2: "I do the exact same thing! Being 21 is expensive!"
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