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Thanksgiving, 2009

~Thursday, Thanksgiving Day~  I'd love to have the job of the person who gets to manipulate the art in Google's logo for various occasions. Today's was:

Happy Thankgiving

See the archive of the logo art if you're interested/curious.

Robert arrived around 9:00 and shortly thereafter, we headed to Greenville. We checked in from Wilson to let Vivian and Jeff know we were on our way and to find out if Mom and Dad had arrived yet. They hadn't.

We were there for about a half hour before mom and dad arrived, at which time I ate about half of the incredibly delicious cheese ball they had out for appeteasers, which went well with some bourbons and Diet, of course. We sat down to eat just before 1:00, and everything looked great and tasted great, as always. Some pics:

The Centerpiece

The Main Event
(clockwise, from lower left: mashed potatoes, ham, Portuguese rice, corn pudding, broccoli salad, deviled eggs, and not in view: Turkey, Portuguese sausage, Portuguese stuffing, rolls)

Like Father, Like Daughter
(Watching something intense on TV; I think it was Freaks & Geeks.)

Robert, Conversing with the "In-laws"

Mom & Dad Listening to Robert

All Cleaned Up

Robert and I took a walk after dinner. The circle around Vivian and Jeff's place is .7 of mile, but we took an outer loop that probably put it right at about one mile.

After loading up our plastic containers and cooler with leftovers, we headed back to Raleigh at somewhere around 3:30 or 4:00. Once back, Robert headed back to Durham, and I talked to nappy for three hours.

I finished up an online Scrabble game with Robert, uploaded the pictures from today into Livejournal and generally got my blog entry ready to write tomorrow.

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night, arriving at Flex at about 11:15. It seemed like it took forever for the 13:30 show to start. I said hellos to a bunch of people—Juan Carlos, (Bald) Paul, Henry, Juan & Todd, Wayne & Cronin, Phil & Joe, and Tony (who used to line dance with us).

I really felt like being alone, though, so just said hellos and then hung out by myself. I pounced on someone when they lit a cigarette, and the guy was so taken aback that he started running to the front door with it. I grabbed the sleeve of his t-shirt and pointed him toward the Smoker's Patio.

I left before Mary K Mart even finished the opening number.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, exercise, family, travel

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